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Secret Tale, Display Side
Spanish MOC
  • Release Year: 1998
  • Availability: Internationally
  • Series: Secret Surprise Friends
  • Notes: This is Secret Tale’s sole G2 release. She has a different “hidden” symbol on each side.

Regional Names (English Translation)

  • Dutch: Geheimpje (Little Secret)
  • Finnish:
  • French:
  • German: Zauberblüte (Magic Blossom)
  • Greek: ΜΥΣΤΙΚΟΥΛΑ – Mystikoula (Mysterious)
  • Italian: Segretella (Secretary)
  • Norwegian:
  • Spanish: Pony Secretos (Pony Secrets)
  • Swedish:

Pony Stats

Loose with Accessories
  • Pose: Sweet Berry Pose
  • Body Color: White
  • Hair Color: Red and Violet Mane, Violet Tail
  • Eye Color: Sky Blue with Dark Pink Crystal
  • Symbol: Red “Doily-Like” Heart with Four Small Red Hearts Around Outside
    • Display Side Hidden Symbol: Teddy Bear
    • Non-Display Side Hidden Symbol: Milkshake

Backcard Stories



My Little Pony® is waiting for you in the Friendship Gardens! The ponies are magical friends who can’t wait to take you on exciting adventures. Join them for lots of surprises and dreams-come-true. For the fun to begin, all My Little Pony® needs is YOU!

Collect All the Magic of My Little Pony®!

SECRET TALE™ is the SECRETIVE one. She loves to pass notes to her friends and hide fun secrets inside them.

International English Card Addition:

  • Use the magic revealer on your stickers to discover the secrets.
  • Hold the magic revealer up to the pony and see if she has a secret message for you.


Welkom in Ponyland, de magische wereld van My Little Pony! Hier spelen de Pony's en beleven zij allerlei fantastische avonturen! Kom erbij, ze zijn dol op nieuwe vriendinnetjes! En... sluit vriendschap voor het leven!

Geheimpje speelt graag verstoppertje. Ze geeft altijd briefjes aan haar vriendinnetjes en verstopt er grappige geheimen in.

  • Gebruik de toverkijker op de stickers om de geheimen te ontdekken.
  • Houd de toverkijker bij de pony en kijk of ze een geheime boodschap heeft voor jou.

English Translation: Welcome to Ponyland, the magical world of My Little Pony! Here the Ponies play and experience all kinds of fantastic adventures! Come join us, they love new friends! And... make friends for life!

Secret likes to play hide and seek. She always gives notes to her friends and hides funny secrets in them.

  • Use the magic binoculars on the stickers to discover the secrets.
  • Hold the magic binoculars near the pony and see if she has a secret message for you.





Benvenuta nel Giardino dell'Amicizia; il magico mondo dei My Little Pony! Qui tutti i pony giocano insieme e inventano tante avventure magiche e divertenti! Stai sempre con loro: i Pony ti aspettano nel loro magico Mondo!

Segretella è molto riservata. Adora dare messaggi ai suoi amici e nascondervi segreti tutti da scoprire!

  • Usa il magico rivelatore sulla tua etichetta per scoprire i segreti.
  • Tieni il magico rivelatore sopra al pony e scopri il tuo messaggio segreto.

English Translation: Welcome to the Garden of Friendship; the magical world of My Little Pony! Here all the ponies play together and invent many magical and fun adventures! Always stay with them: the Ponies are waiting for you in their magical world!

Secretary is very reserved. She loves sending messages to her friends and hiding secrets for you to discover!

  • Use the magical revealer on your label to uncover secrets.
  • Hold the magical revealer over the pony and discover your secret message.





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