Shop Talk

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Shop Talk
Generation 1 | Season 3 | Episode 5 (B)
My Little Pony Tales
Original Airdate July 31, 1992
Writer(s) Doug Booth
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The Play's the Thing The Impractical Joker

Shop Talk is the tenth episode of the My Little Pony Tales cartoon series. It originally aired along with The Play's the Thing. It was written by Doug Booth.


It opens with Mrs Barrington getting her mane done by Starlight’s mom and gossiping about another pony. Starlight and Sweetheart giggle at what’s being said then are shooed away to make some ice cream which they later hand to the gossiping two. Once they’re done Mrs Barrington gets Starlight’s mom to leave the shop and help pick out a new outfit to go with the new curls. Starlight asks if Sweetheart and Bon bon could do their friends manes while she’s out. Starlight’s mom agrees and Starlight sets about getting all her friends in. Starlight begins by asking if they have any gossip breaking out into a song.

Patch notices Sweetheart hasn’t told a story yet about anyone, Sweetheart says she doesn’t talk about anyone then starts a story about her baby sister looking sweet sucking her hoof. The group then try to get gossip out of Sweetheart on Teddy. Patch jokes Teddy has a teddy bear when Sweethearts stays silent and then says she promised not to tell the group start chanting Teddy has a teddy bear, Teddy has a teddy bear. Ace walks in to this saying he’s going to tell all the guys, Sweetheart protests but Ace goes ahead and tells anyway at the pitch which leads to a scuff between Ace, Teddy and Lancer.

Teddy’s upset thinking that Sweetheart had blabbed. Sweetheart visits Teddy and tries to protest her innocence but Teddy isn’t listening. Teddy kicks a tree dropping Apples all over him, Sweetheart laughs at this but then feels bad having made things worse between them.

Later Starlight is discussing that she didn’t think Teddy would feel so bad about it all, with the girls in the ice cream shop. They come up with a plan to help Teddy by getting Ace and Lancer to baby sit a bunch of baby ponies. Bright eyes and Melody talk Ace and Lancer into it and they soon get into the swing of playing with the baby ponies. Sweetheart peeping in through the window can’t believe the plan was working so well. At feeding time the babies’ wouldn’t drink their milk, Melody and Bright eyes trick Ace and Lancer to dress up as babies and drink the milk so the babies will. Sweetheart turns up at the door with a Polaroid camera and takes a photo of the two. Teddy turns up just after that to make fun of them as they protest it’s not their fault they look the way they do. Teddy works it so they’d never make fun of him again before ripping up the photo. It ends with Teddy talking to his teddy about Sweetheart being a girl the teddy bear could really get to like.


Starlight’s mom, Clover, Patch, Bright Eyes, Melody, Starlight, Sweetheart, Bon Bon, Teddy, Ace, Lancer, Mrs Barrington, Sugar


Gossip rap

Well I’ve got a juicy story
Just wait until you hear
Madam Bushel once had a bow
Count Apple elusive was his name
She’s got his picture in a frame
I think they were engaged once years ago

So here’s my juicy story
My neighbour dyed her hair
Instead of blonde it turned an awful green
I heard her hair fell off in clumps
Cause she came down with the mumps.
Now her family’s under quarantine

I heard a rumour that
Dazzle has a boyfriend
He sings with the Cleveland bays or so I heard
At school you should of seen the boys
They jumped around and made such noise
Poor Miss Hackney missed spelled a word

Have you got a juicy story
You know that stuck up pony
Who acts like she’s so smart
Well I heard today in maths she got a D

To share these stories is such fun
It’s fun to share with everyone
Gossip that’s as juicy as can be.
Oh I am in my glory when I hear a juicy story
So long as it’s not about me
So long as it’s not about me


Animation errors

  • Mrs Barrington having her mane blow dried has a green top to start with when they’re through drying and are served their ice creams the top is Yellow and Orange.
  • Not sure if it is my copy of the show but during the gossip song Sweetheart seems more eggshell blue then white.
  • While wiping off the paint off of their faces Ace and Lancer switch places.

Story errors

  • During the song piece “At school you should of seen the boys, They jumped around and made such noise, Poor Miss Hackney missed spelled a word” Miss Hackney can be seen chalking out a maths problem not writing a spelling lesson.

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