Slumber Party

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Slumber Party
Generation 1 | Season 3 | Episode 1 (A)
My Little Pony Tales
Original Airdate July 3, 1992
Writer(s) George Arthur Bloom
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My Little Pony 'n Friends Too Sick to Notice

"Slumber Party" is the first episode of the My Little Pony Tales cartoon series. It originally aired along with "Too Sick to Notice". It was written by George Arthur Bloom.


The girls are having a slumber party over at Sweetheart's house and playing a game of charades. Starlight guesses the correct answer during Clover's turn, after which Sweetheart's parents ask if they are in for an ice cream sundae. The girls rush to the kitchen and throw together their sundae, but before they can eat, the storm outside forces the power out. Patch suggests it could be the work of ghosts. Sweetheart's father, after fixing the power, says that ghosts don't exist.

Once the sundae has been eaten, Sweetheart's mother tells the girls to go to bed. However, some hours past bedtime, the girls are awakened by a particularly loud round of thunder. Patch thinks the weather is perfect for a ghost story, which the other girls eventually agree on. Under Starlight's guidance, they build a tent to tell the story in.

Patch tells her friends the story of Squire, a pony a little older than they who lived long ago in a castle on the hill past Paradise Lake. Squire desired to be a knight. One day, his father toook him aside and told him that to prove himself worthy of the title he desired, he had to defeat the dragon Basil. Basil lived in a cave in the nearby forest, so Squire went there the very next day. Though his father had given him a sword to defend himself with, Squire was reluctant to use it. As such, the threats he encountered before finding Basil's cave were dealt with using intelligence and intimidation rather than violence. Basil himself required a more aggressive approach, but Squire wasn't up to the task. He lived, but Basil escaped him. According to legends, Squire's ghost is still around, looking for his dragon.

The moment Patch finishes her story, the sound of footsteps is heard overhead, prompting the girls to believe it's Squire's ghost. Sweetheart wants to call her parents, but Patch stops her, claiming they will scare off Squire. Patch announces she wil go to the attic alone, though of course the others follow her. Because the light doesn't work in the attic, the girls have to rely on a flashlight to see anything. Once they realize that everything looking like a monster in the dark is only a stack of old stuff in the light, they discover Sweetheart's cat Springfield. They conclude the poor kitty got locked out in the rain and got into the attic through the window, causing the noise they heard. Relieved, the group decided to go back to sleep, though Patch is bumped out there wasn't an actual ghost.

Once the girls are asleep again, Patch is woken up by the ghost of Squire. He thanks her for telling his story and asks that if ever she'd see Basil, she will tell him. Patch promises to do so, her voice waking up Starlight. Starlight is unable to see Squire and asks what Patch is doing. Watching Squire float off, Patch answers she was only dreaming.



Things Are Not Always What They Seem

In the night, shapes may seem fearful
In the light, they're much more cheerful
Things are not always what they seem

Though things bump and clink and rattle
Don't go jumping into battle
Things are not always what they seem

Half asleep, you hear a peep
And leap to a conclusion
All alone, you start to moan
But it's only an illusion

When the breeze makes curtains flutter
And your knees feel weak as butter
Think - is it real or just a dream?

You may need more information
Could be just you imagination
Things are not always what they seem
Oh, no! Things are not always what they seem


Story errors

  • Basil burnt a hole in the ground of his cave. Considering the fire is of such a temperature that Squire experiences no pain as long as he's not directly hit by it, it is nonsense it could burn a hole through solid rock.
  • One cannot escape the feeling the script originally might have called for Squire's death at the hands of Basil, considering the fact that he never got his dragon is what keeps him around as a ghost. Assuming Squire lived a full life after his experiences with Basil makes no sense for the periodic state of his ghost.
  • How does Squire expect Patch to notify him if she sees Basil?

Animation Errors

  • They leave Patch out as Bright eyes list what Ice creams good for.
  • Starlight’s sleeping bag isn’t present with her in it when Patch ask “what’s a matter? Not scared are you?”
  • When Patch is telling the story of Squire and Basil, Bright eyes is no where to be seen even when Patch knocks down the tent.
  • While Clover’s covered with the sheet Bright eyes is behind and Starlight is in front as Springfield makes an appearance Bright eyes and Starlight swap places and Patch has moved out of the group altogether.


  • "Slumber Party" has been released on DVD in Australia by MRA Entertainment on October 12, 2005, and in the UK by Metrodome on August 16, 2004.

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