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Soarin is a male G4 Pegasus Pony. He first appeared as a minor character in My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, and was later introduced to merchandise.

Media Appearances

Pony Stats

  • Body Color: Light Blue
  • Hair Color: Dark Blue
  • Eye Color: Green
  • Symbol: A yellow lightning bolt striking through a cloud

Soarin is a male pegasus who is a member of the Wonderbolts, a squad that performs aerial acrobatics. He typically makes appearances in conjunction with the wonderbolts, and is usually seen in uniform. He made his debut in the episode "The Ticket Master", as part of Rainbow Dash's fantasy. He would later act as one of the judges of a flying competition in "Sonic Rainboom" and would spend the day with Rainbow Dash as a reward for her first place finish. He appears to have a love for apple pie, as he is seen happily devouring one in "The Best Night Ever". Soarin would appear in "A Canterlot Wedding", where he is seen in a formal officer's uniform alongside Rainbow Dash.

Soarin's most important appearance came in "Rainbow Falls". He is part of the Cloudsdale Relay team for the Equestria Games, but injures his wing and is rescued by Rainbow Dash. He would recover in the local medical center, but, alongside Rainbow Dash, that his teammates had conspired to keep him out of action and replace him with Rainbow Dash. Rainbow Dash would call them out on this, and Soarin was able to return to the team and compete

Soarin is voiced by Matt Hill.


Crystal-Shine Mystery Pony

Wave 7 box side
Wave 7 bag identifying Soarin and Spitfire

Soarin was released in the seventh wave of blind bags. The box and bags identify him as Soarin; however, his card erroneously gives Spitfire's name and description.

All About Friends Singles

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