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G1 Sparkler
MOC Sparkler
G1 Sparkler's Symbol
G1 Sparkler's symbol, small and big

Sparkler is a G1 Unicorn Pony. She was released in Year Three of G1.

Pony Stats

  • Pose: Gusty Pose
  • Body Colour: Pale blue
  • Hair Colour: Purple with red streak in mane
  • Eye Colour: Purple
  • Symbol: Ten blue glittery diamonds

Back Card Stories

Note: These stories are reproduced exactly as they appear on the ponies' backcards, including all errors.

Sparkler's US Backcard

Sparkler stood out in the sun, admiring her collection. "It's so beautifully shiny," she remarked as she rearranged her glitter cards, gold coins and aluminum foil pieces. Sparkler loves shiny, sparkling objects. When the moon is full, she follows the brightest star in search of glittering trinkets. On the night of the last full moon, Sparkler found a glowing diamond. "This will be perfect for Majesty's crown," she thought. But Majesty urged Sparkler to keep the jewel because someday she might have a crown of her own!

Media Appearances

Sparkler in "Escape from Catrina"

Animated pony stats

  • Body Colour: Silver
  • Hair Colour: Purple with red streak in mane
  • Eye Colour: Purple
  • Symbol: 4 blue diamonds

Sparkler starred in the second My Little Pony TV Special, "Escape from Catrina". She was a prominent character in the UK MLP comics, despite never having been sold in the UK herself. She collected all kinds of gems and anything glittery.

She was also in the Book The magic nut tree.

Argentinian Sparkler

Argentinian Sparkler Variant I

Argentina Sparkler with red hair
  • Glory Pose with light blue body and red hair. Has blue non-glittery diamonds for symbols.

Argentinian Sparkler Variant II

Argentina Sparkler with green hair
  • Glory Pose with a aqua body with lime green hair. Has non-glittery symbols that are reversed compared to the normal Argentina Sparklers.

Argentinian Sparkler Variant III

Argentinian Sparkler Variant IV


Argentinian Sparkler Variant V

  • prototype (no mane, no eyes)
  • white body with white tail in Posey Pose.

Italian Sparkler

Italian Variant I

G1 Italian Sparkler
  • similar to US Sparkler, except with sky blue, non-glittery symbols.

Italian Variant II

Italian Sparkler in Collectors Pose.
  • sky blue body, and Indigo hair and dark blue, non-glittery symbols in the Collectors Pose.

Italian Variant III

Italian green sparkler
  • pale green with dark purple hair and sky blue, non-glittery symbols in Collectors Pose.

South African Sparkler

South African Sparkler

she has a pale blue body with bright red hair with a white streak and red symbols. her symbols are very different from other versions of sparkler because instead of having 10 diamonds of equal sizes, she has 7 diamonds (one large diamond surrounded by 6 smaller diamonds). She is in the Moondancer Pose



  • Sparkler was one of six G1 ponies that was initially chosen to be redesigned as a main character for the Generation 4 show, My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. Trademark issues prevented a straight redesign, however, and so Sparkler instead served as a major source of inspiration for the G4 pony Rarity.

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