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Star Catcher I
G3 Star Catcher Symbol

Star Catcher was the first pegasus in the 3rd generation MLP line. In US she came with an exclusive VHS called "Dancing in the Clouds". She also came with a tiara and brush.

Media Appearances

Star Catcher in "Friends Are Never Far Away".
Star Catcher's appearance in the PC Play Pack

Animated pony Stats

  • Body Colour: White
  • Hair Colour: Blue, white and pink
  • Eye Colour: Blue
  • Symbol: Pink heart

Star Catcher first appeared in Dancing in the Clouds with starring roles in Friends Are Never Far Away and A Very Minty Christmas. She had cameos in The Princess Promenade though she was shown as an earth pony. The unofficial leader of the pegasi, she came to Ponyville upon hearing Skywishes' wish to find a way to help her friends with their dance number. After showing her Butterfly Island and allowing her to ride magic butterflies so she could literally dance on the clouds, the two became friends. Calm and understanding, Star Catcher urged the rest of the shy pegasi to meet with the Ponyville ponies and was instrumental in finding the North Pole so the group could rescue Minty and Thistle Whistle.

Star Catcher makes an appearance in the PC Play Pack game at the conclusion, taking a picture with the player's pony in the Celebration Castle.


Pony Stats

  • Pose: V1 is in the Rearing Pose pose and V2 is in the Coconut Grove Pose.
  • Body Colour: white
  • Hair Colour: blue white and pink
  • Eye Colour: blue
  • Symbol: pink heart with glitter
  • Hoof Heart: pink

Australian 4 pack

100 6915.JPG

Star Catcher 1


Pony legend says that magical, mysterious Pegasus ponies are the greatest wish-granters of all. If you wish for something hard enough, a Pegasus pony just might appear and help you discover the power to make your dreams come true. With her fluttering wings and sparkling crown, Star Catcher is one of the most beautiful ponies you've ever seen. She loves to help her friends make their dreams come true. Includes pony figure, crown and brush. As a special bonus, you also get a My Little Pony VHS, "Dancing in the Clouds," which tells all about Star Catcher's adventures at the Friendship Ball.

Favorite Friends Star Catcher backcard:

  • Birthday Month: November
  • Favorite Color: Midnight Blue
  • Favorite Flower: Moonflower
  • Favorite Thing to Do: Counting the stars!


Version 1

  • Body: She was released with smaller wings on the international market
  • Hoof: She has a hoof heart and magnet in her foot

Version 2

  • Body: She was released with smaller wings on the international market
  • Hoof: She has a no hoof heart and no magnet in her foot and the cover is white
  • Eyes: Her eyeliner is thicker and her eye colour is darker, the highlight in her eye has a greenish hue to it and the contrast between the colours in her eye is not as big.

The star is located higher and closer to the corner of the eye. The glitter used to cover her symbol is finer.

Star Catcher 2

Favorite Friends Star Catcher

Ponies released in this set are:

Decorating Pony Star Catcher

  • Decorating Pony


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