The Elements of Harmony: Part 2

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The Elements of Harmony
Generation 4 | Season 1 | Episode 2
My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic
Original Airdate October 22, 2010
Writer(s) Lauren Faust
Director(s) Jayson Thiessen
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The Mare in the Moon: Part 1 The Ticket Master

The Elements of Harmony: Part 2 is the second episode of the first season of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. The episode forms the second half of a two episode pilot for the series, alongside "The Mare in the Moon: Part 1". The episode has also been referred to by the title "Friendship is Magic: Part 2".


The elements of harmony as represented in Twilight's book

Following the events of the previous episode, Twilight Sparkle is at Ponyville's library with Pinkie Pie, Applejack, Rarity, Rainbow Dash, and Fluttershy. Remembering her studies from before, Twilight finds a book about the Elements of Harmony, which have the power to defeat Nightmare Moon. Twilight learns that the first five elements are Honesty, Kindness, Laughter, Generosity, and Loyalty. The six element is unknown, but requires the other five, and a spark. The elements are believed to be located at a set of ancient ruins in the Everfree Forest. Thus, Twilight and the others set out on a journey to find them. Meanwhile, Nightmare Moon magically observes their actions and prepares to stop them.

Along the way, Twilight and the others face dangerous obstacles, sent by Nightmare Moon to impede them. However, each pony displays the quality associated with an element in overcoming them, though this is not realized at the time. Applejack displays Honesty while rescuing Twilight from a cliff after Nightmare Moon triggers a landslide. Next, the group encounters an angry Manticore. However, Fluttershy shows it Kindness, and relives the manticore of a thorn in its paw. When the trees surrounding the group suddenly take on frightening faces, Pinkie Pie is able to remove her friends' fears by teaching them to laugh at them. Later on, the group encounters a saddened sea serpent who is blocking the river crossing. After learning that the serpent had part of hiss mustache cut off, Rarity generously fixes it by cutting off her tail and magically attaching it.

After this, the ruins are in sight, but the ponies must cross a gorge. Rainbow Dash notices a bridge and flies over so she can attach it so the others can cross. However, purple smoke quickly appears in the form of a group of ponies called the Shadowbolts. They invite Rainbow Dash to join them as captain, but Rainbow Dash turns down the offer out of loyalty to her friends after learning she would have to abandon them.

As the ponies enter the castle ruins, they see the five elements resting inside. The other ponies start to leave to allow Twilight to activate them, but Nightmare Moon teleports Twilight and the Elements to another part of the castle. Twilight attempts to charge Nightmare Moon but teleports at the last minute to the elements. However, Nightmare Moon manages to shatter them before Twilight can activate them. By this time however, the other ponies have come to Twilight's aid. Twilight realizes that the others are her friends and that their spirits represent the five elements. The element shards begin to float around the others, with the sixth element magically appearing above Twilight, which is revealed to be the Element of Magic. As Twilight explains her revelation, the five previous elements take the form of jeweled necklaces, with the Element of Magic taking the form of a tiara.

A rainbow colored blast emerges from the Elements of Harmony, which transforms Nightmare Moon back into her original form of Princess Luna. At this time, Princess Celestia arrives and tells Twilight that she was right about Nightmare Moon's return. However, Twilight would not have been able to defeat her had Twilight not accepted true friendship. Celestia then goes over to Princess Luna, and asks to put aside their differences and rule together, referring to Luna as her sister. Luna emotionally accepts, apologizing for her actions.

Back at Ponyville, Pinkie Pie throws a party to celebrate the reuniting of the two sisters. When Celestia realizes that Twilight doesn't want to leave Ponyville, she formally tasks Twilight with studying friendship there.


  • The Laughter Song

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