The Great Lemonade Stand Wars

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The Great Lemonade Stand Wars
Generation 1 | Season 3 | Episode 6 (B)
My Little Pony Tales
Original Airdate August 7, 1992
Writer(s) George Arthur Bloom
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The Impractical Joker Blue Ribbon Blues

"The Great Lemonade Stand Wars" is the twelth episode on the My Little Pony Tales cartoon series. It originally aired along with "The Impractical Joker". It was written by George Arthur Bloom.


At the clubhouse, the girls have gotten their hands on Bon Bon's diary and are teasing their friend by keeping it from her. In the struggle for the diary, Clover ends up breaking the club's teapot, forcing them to go out and buy a new one. They find a lovely tea set at the porcelain store, but it costs 200 jangles, 133 jangles more than the girls can bring together from their piggy banks. Clover has an idea to raise money: they could open up a lemonade stand. Everyone agress this is a good idea and with one of Bon Bon's recipes as their secret weapon, they're bound to bring in lots of money.

Business is going good, but also draws the envy of Ace and Teddy. The two boys decide to start their own lemonade stand and pressure Lancer to participate in and finance their operation. While Lancer does have the money to get his friends a more luxurious stand, one without lemonade is worth nothing. The three boys quickly discover they can't make lemonade that tastes as good as the girls'. So, they set up a plan to get Bon Bon's recipe.

The next day, Bon Bon is walking alone when she spots a jangle on the road. She reaches out to pick it up, but gets shouted away from it by Teddy, who claims it's his and that she intended to steal it. As Bon Bon tries to defend herself against his aggressive accusations, Ace walks by and chases Teddy off. Bon Bon is grateful for the help and no little surprised when Ace starts flirting with her and invites her to go bike riding with him. She accepts and greatly enjoys her time with Ace. Eventually, they take a rest near a lake and Ace subtly brings up the topic of the girls' lemonade business. He gets Bon Bon to tell him the recipe they've been using, then makes up an excuse to end the outing.

Shortly after, the girls find themselves up against the boys in lemonade sales, the situation made worse because the boys have a much prettier stand. Bright Eyes wonders allowed why the customers go to them when the girls have the better lemonade. Bon Bon starts crying and explains she told Ace the recipe, thinking he liked her. The other girls are quick to drop any anger they felt towards her and Patch, Starlight and Bright Eyes march over to the boys' stand to confront them about their despicable actions. The boys aren't impressed, so Starlight declares the Lemonade Stand War.

Though the girls manage to one-up the boys many times, they same is true the other way around. Moreso, the girls find themselves actually losing money on the competition. They are bemoaning the situation at their clubhouse when suddenly Lancer visits them. He apologizes for his part in Ace and Teddy's scheme and goes on that he has broken ties with their business. Bright Eyes invites him to the girls' business, which Lancer agrees to. To top it off, he brings along a recipe from his family's cook for iced tea, which the girls can start selling instead to avoid competition with Teddy and Ace.

The iced tea stand is a huge success, drawing back all the customers until the girls have enough to buy the tea set they wanted. As the girls leave, Teddy and Ace grudgingly acknowledge defeat... sort of.



Ace: "Hey, don't take it personally, Bright Eyes. Business is business!"
Bright Eyes: "Oh, it's busines, alright - monkey business! You took something that belongs to us."
Teddy: "Yeah right, your customers!"

Ace: "We can't give up, Teddy."
Teddy: "Give up? It's over! We lost."
Ace: "And it's your fault."
Teddy: "My fault? You made them mad by taking advantage of Bon Bon."
Ace: "I only did that 'cause you couldn't make good lemonade."
Teddy: "I never said I could!"
Ace: "It was your idea to open the stand."
Teddy: "What, no! It was yours!"


Think Again

If you think that you can beat us, think again
If you think you can defeat us, think again
Just when you think you've got us licked
You'll find out that you've been tricked
If rosy futures you've predicting, think again

If you think that you can match us, think again
Though you try, you'll never catch us, think again
Just when you're sure you're out in front
We'll pull off some clever stunt
Search a flop, happy hunting may begin

Why not just admit you have no chance of winning

We're not scared a bit
We've had the edge from the beginning

Think you'll win because you are leading, think again

Think that we'll wind up conceding, think again

If you take a backwards glance
You see you don't stand a chance

Look out now 'cause we're ascending

Think again!
Think again!
Think again!
Think again!
Think again!


Animation errors

  • When Clover suggests they open a lemonade stand, her pupils move around oddly.
  • The first line of ponies waiting to buy lemonade are drawn rather flat.
  • Some awkward looping happens when Bon Bon confesses she gave Ace the lemonade recipe.
  • During the song's line of "Think that we'll wind up conceding, think again", Patch and Bon Bon lack necks.
  • As Teddy sabotages the girls' lemonade, the jug is drawn way too large compared to him, even considering the perspective.
  • Starlight’s cutie mark is missing when she says they have to buy a whole new tea set.
  • When Melody says she’ll make the lemonade she’s sitting next to Clover as they zoom out we realise its Bon bon.
  • The jug in Ace’s hand isn’t present when Bright eyes is telling Lancer off about the lemonade. After it appears and disappears while they talk.
  • When Lancer walks into the club house he has no bag later he can be seen handing a recipe out it one.


  • During the Lemonade Stand War, Melody gives a mini-concert to attract customers. She's assisted by two other ponies, but neither of them are part of the Rockin' Beats, Melody's band.


  • The song "Think Again" is lightly based on the children's song If You're Happy and You Know It.
  • "The Great Lemonade Stand Wars" has been released on DVD in Australia by MRA Entertainment on October 12, 2005.

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