The Mare in the Moon: Part 1

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The Mare in the Moon
Generation 4 | Season 1 | Episode 1
My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic
Original Airdate October 10, 2010
Writer(s) Lauren Faust
Director(s) Jayson Thiessen
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Who's Responsible? The Elements of Harmony: Part 2

The Mare in the Moon: Part 1 is the first episode of the first season of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. It forms the first half of the two episode pilot for the series, alongside "The Elements of Harmony: Part 2". This episode has sometimes been referred to by the title "Friendship is Magic: Part 1".


The episode opens with a retelling of the story of two Alicorn sisters who ruled Equestria. The older sister would use magic to raise the sun to start the day, and lower it in the evening. During the night, the younger sister would raise and lower the moon for the night. Together, the two ruled Equestria and kept balance. However, the younger sister became jealous of the older one. Their pony subjects would play all day, but shun and sleep through her nights. One day, the younger sister refused to lower the moon to end the night. Though the older sister tried to reason with her, the younger one's bitter transformed her into Nightmare Moon. The elder sister was forced to use the elements of harmony to imprison Nightmare Moon in the moon. The elder sister then took responsibility for both sun and moon.

The tale is revealed to be a book being read by Twilight Sparkle, student of Princess Celestia. A group of unicorns stop to invite Twilight to a party, but Twilight chooses to return to her library for more studying. After consulting a number of books, Twilight realizes that Nightmare Moon will return to Equestria in two days.. She asks her assistant Spike to send her concerns in a letter to Celestia, but Celestia tells her stop reading and go make friends and tasks her with overseeing the Summer Sun Celebration in Ponyville.

Reluctantly, Twilight goes to Ponyville, but Twilight believes she doesn't need friends. Twilight then travels the town overseeing the preparations, meeting the various ponies in charge. Applejack is overseeing the catering and introduces Twilight to her large family. Rainbow Dash is seen sleeping in a cloud, but quickly clears the sky for the festival in a matter of seconds. Twilight's hair is messed up by this, leading G4 Rarity, Rarity, who is decorating the town hall to offer her a makeover. Twilight is eager to get away, and sneaks out. Finally, Twilight greets Fluttershy, who is in charge of music. Twilight compliments Fluttershy's bird choir, but Fluttershy is too shy to speak until she notices Spike.

Twilight then travels to Ponyville's library, where she is to stay. Upon arriving, she finds that Pinkie Pie, has thrown her a surprise party after noticing that Twilight was new in town. During the party, Twilight drinks hot sauce and runs up to the second story of the Library. Twilight complains that making friends has left her no time to read about the Elements of Harmony.

The Summer Sun festival later begins at town hall, but instead of Celestia, Nightmare Moon appears, terrifying the ponies. Though most of the ponies don't know quite who she is, Twilight successfully, identifies the dark Alicorn as Nightmare Moon. Impressed, Nightmare Moon asks Twilight if she also knows why Nightmare Moon has arrived; Twilight does not answer out of fear. Nightmare Moon proclaims that the night will last forever, and cackles as a thunderstorm builds up around her.

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