The Play's the Thing

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The Play's the Thing
Generation 1 | Season 3 | Episode 5 (A)
My Little Pony Tales
Original Airdate July 31, 1992
Writer(s) Donna Harman
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Out of Luck Shop Talk

The Play's the Thing is the ninth episode of the My Little Pony Tales cartoon series. It originally aired along with Shop Talk. It was written by Donna Harman.


Melody practices in front of the mirror and the Twinettes for the led role as Princess in the school play. She’s sure Miss Hackney will pick her for the role. Melody’s mom walks in and tells her, her bedroom’s a mess and to clean it up. Melody insists she’s a star and they have servants for that before lying down on her bed instead.

Miss Hackney holds the auditions calling Patch first. Patch decides to shake the script up in to a pirate themed play and this is when we first hear its Shakespony which is a nod at Shakespeare. Clover is up next who ends a lovely performance with tripping on the curtain. They skip to the end of the auditions and Miss Hackney says she’ll list the assignments tomorrow.

The next day the girls are excited to see who’s been cast. Melody has been cast as the star, Clover as a guard and Bon bon is cast as the wise old woman. The ponies are to then help out back stage but Melody refuses too, saying she’s the star before walking off.

Later at the mane dressers Starlight and Patch are fixing Bon bon’s mane and make up to make her look 75 years old while Clover waits for her turn. Starlight says “there all finished you’ll look fantastic at dress rehearsal” Melody then walks in saying “but not as good as me” Starlight complements the way Melody looks, We then find out it was Starlight’s mom who styled it earlier that day when Melody should have been working on the masks for the ballroom scene. Melody shrugs it off saying she’s going to be interviewed on TV later that day. Clovers turn arrives to be styled and she want to look like Melody, Melody rushes over refusing to allow Clover to copy her style because she’s the star and wants to stand out. Starlight then starts forming a plan to teach Melody a lesson for her behaviour.

Teddy and Ace turn up to watch Melody’s rehearsal. As she tries to play her part the spot light is moved all over the stage and she has trouble keeping up with it. Her thrown is then removed from under her as she goes to sit on it. Teddy starts to think her performance is bad while Ace defends it. Melody asks for her princes voice and she hears frogs. You then see the other girls laughing holding frogs. The door knocks which leads to Melody trying to open it but its locked shut. Teddy and Ace are now in a fit of laughter. Melody loses her cool and the girls sum up her attitude for her. Miss Hackney asks what’s going on here and Starlight exclaims “our star princess royally mistreated her former friends” before they walk off.

Later they’re waiting for Melody’s interview and they discuss whether to watch the show or not but do anyways. Melody gives a type of an apology by accepting it takes more then just the star to make the play work but never really says sorry.

They put on the play and everything goes well. Teddy and Ace enjoy it this time around and they get a big applause. Ace gives Melody some flowers and she calls out for the rest of the ponies to join in claiming “A play could never work with just the star” having learnt her lesson.


Jing-a-ling, Ting-a-ling, Melody’s mom, Hackney, Clover, Patch, Bon Bon, Teddy,Ace, Melody, Starlight,


Starlight: “Clover you’re a guard!”

Clover: “A guard? Oh well at least I’ve got a part”

Starlight: “And Bon bon you’re going to be the wise old woman”

Bon bon: “ohh just great that’s what I’ve always wanted to be…A chubby old hag”

Starlight: “You’ll be great! We all will”


The magic of theatre

Making them believe in the web you weave
That’s the magic of theatre
Noble kings and lords with their rubber swords
That’s the magic of theatre

A cardboard sun seems so real
You can feel yourself growing warm
A sudden flash, a noisy crash
Makes a smashing thunder storm

See that mountain top
Why it’s a painted drop
That’s the magic of theatre
Fancy dressing gown
Made of hand me downs
That’s the magic of theatre

Creating an illusion that takes their breath away
That’s the magic of theatre
And the fun of putting on a play
That’s the magic of theatre
That’s the magic of theatre

To help make the illusion
We paint, We build, We sow
That’s the magic of theatre
And the fun of putting on a show
That’s the magic of theatre


Animation errors

  • When Melody’s mom enters the room the Twinette disappear.
  • The scarf on the pony putting on sunglasses switches sides as she turns away from the cardboard sun.
  • When clover is spun around in the chair Starlight doesn’t have a comb in her hand, seconds later on the close up she does.
  • When Teddy turns up to watch the rehearsal he has a sling shot in his hoof in the next two scenes with him in it’s gone.
  • On the close up of Melody asking for her prince to whoo her the clip in her mane has switched sides. By the time she gets to the locked door it’s now at the front of the mane then continues to move about. On the main night it vanishes just after the lightening scene as Bon bon enters the stage.
  • At the ice cream shop the cherry in Clover’s ice cream has either disappeared or been mis-coloured as the stalk seems to have remained just after Melody’s interview.
  • For a split second after the main show Teddy’s cell over laps the purple mane pony in front of him.

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