The Point of No Return

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The Point of No Return
Generation 4 | Season 9 | Episode 5
My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic
Original Airdate April 27, 2019
Writer(s) Gillian M. Berrow
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Sparkle's Seven Common Ground

The Point of No Return is the fifth episode of season 9 of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.


Twilight realizes she never returned a book to the Canterlot Library, and besides incurring the disgrace of a super-overdue book and huge fees, she may have caused her favorite librarian to lose her job.


Twilight Sparkle receives a package from Princess Celestia containing various items that were left in Celestia's library when Twilight moved to Ponyville. Among other things, Spike finds a library book that Twilight checked out before leaving but never returned, and she begins to panic over the overdue library book. Twilight rushes to Canterlot with Spike to return the book, recalling how both she and her favorite librarian, Dusty Pages, had a perfect book return record up until that point. Once at the library, Twilight sneaks in and asks to speak to Dusty Pages, but the librarian pony says that she does not recall who that is, but that Twilight needs to see First Folio in the basement to pay for her overdue book, and Twilight begins to panic over the large late fee she will have to pay. When Twilight and Spike arrive to Folio's office, they see she is out to lunch. Spike insists on waiting for her to return, but Twilight goes to find her to avoid her late fee becoming any larger. Twilight and Spike arrive at The Tasty Treat, where Spike is mistaken for a waiter and he begins to take and serve orders. Moondancer waves to Twilight and introduces her to her friend, First Folio. Twilight asks Folio where Dusty Pages in, and she recalls that Dusty left the library years ago, possibly having been fired due to her perfect book record being spoiled. Twilight is distraught by the idea that she could have gotten her favorite librarian fired. Twilight goes over to Dusty Pages old house, stating that she had been invited to tea many times, but sees that someone else lives there. He does not have Dusty's new address, but knows that it contains "Silver" in its name. Twilight and Spike go searching in every city or spot with "Silver" in its name before arriving at Silver Stable Retirement Community. The receptionist in the community says that Dusty Pages lives on the ground floor, and Twilight and Spike go to knock on her door. She is not home, and is instead partaking in one of the many activities the community offers, but as her schedule is so packed, Twilight goes on a long-winded chase to find her. They finally find her playing guitar in a band passionately. Twilight explains to Spike that once her book is returned, Dusty can have her old job back and stop mourning her termination, but Spike insists that Dusty looks quite happy as she is. Ignoring him, Twilight goes to speak with her. Dusty is surprised that the book that spoiled her record was Twilight's, but when the notion of her gaining her old job back comes up, Dusty storms off. Distraught, Twilight despairs over both Dusty Pages not forgiving her and the late fees she has now acquired. Spike encourages Twilight to talk to Dusty again, and Twilight agrees that the situation cannot worsen. She goes over to find Dusty in a food fight, and Dusty calls timeout so they can talk. Twilight tells Dusty how miserable she feels over causing Dusty to have lost her job, but Dusty reassures her that she had left of her own volition, and having her perfect book record finally broken urged her to get out of the library and try something new. Dusty then asks if Twilight had actually read the book, titled Perfection: The Impossible Pursuit. Twilight admits she had not, and the book gets a large stain as a stray thrown fruit splatters over the cover. Back at the library, First Folio reveals that the late fee caps at a month and Twilight happily pays the late fee. Folio then remarks that the book has been replaced anyway with a later edition, and Twilight asks if she can keep the book. Folio asks why she would want it due to the large stain on the cover, but Twilight remarks that it's perfect.