Tipsy Tulip

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Tipsy Tulip, Loose
United States MOC

Regional Names (English Translation)

  • Dutch: Rumrozijntje (Rum Raisin)
  • Finnish:
  • French:
  • German: Tapsige Tulpe (Clumsy Tulip)
  • Greek: ΦΡΟΥΤΟ ΛΟΥΛΟΥΔΕΝΙΑ – Frouto Louloudenia (Fruit Flower)
  • Italian: Trottolina (Spinning Top)
  • Norwegian:
  • Spanish: Pony Limpita (Clean Pony)
  • Swedish:

Pony Stats

Loose with Accessories
  • Pose: Tipsy Tulip Pose
  • Body Color: Peach
  • Hair Color: Aqua and "Fading Pink" Mane, "Fading Pink" Tail
  • Eye Color: Cerulean Blue with Pink Crystal
  • Symbol: Purple Stem of Four Flowers and Three Buds or Leaves

Backcard Stories

United States Backcard


My Little Pony® is waiting for you in the Friendship Gardens! The ponies are magical friends who can’t wait to take you on exciting adventures. Join them for lots of surprises and dreams-come-true. For the fun to begin, all My Little Pony® needs is YOU!

Collect All the Magic of My Little Pony®!

TIPSY TULIP™ is the NEAT one. She gets upset when anything is messy. She is always looking in her mirror to make sure every hair is in place, and her magical butterfly friends help her keep her hair perfectly neat!


Welkom de Vriendschapstuinen, de sprookjesachtige wereld van My Little Pony! Hier spelen de pony's en beleven zij allerlei geweldige avonturen! Kom erbij - de pony's zijn dol op nieuwe vriendinnetjes en ze zijn heel trouw!

Rumrozijntje is verschrikkelijk netjes. Ze raakt helemaal van sterk als het ergens rommelig of slordig is. Ze kijlt dan ook altijd in de spiegel om te zien of haar manen netjes zieten.

English Translation: Welcome to the Friendship Gardens, the fairytale world of My Little Pony! Here the ponies play and experience all kinds of great adventures! Come join us - the ponies love new friends and are very loyal!

Rum Raisin is terribly neat. She gets really upset when something is messy or sloppy. She always looks in the mirror to see if her mane looks neat.





Benvenuta nel Giardino dell Amicizia, il magico mondo det My Little Pony! Qui sutti i pony giocano insieme e inventano tante avventure magiche e divertenti! Stai sempre con loro: i Pony ti aspettano nel loro magico Mondo!

Trottolina é la piu ordinata. Si agita subito quando qualcosa é in disordine. Si giarda sempre allo specchio per controllare che i suoi capelli siaro sempre a posto.

English Translation: Welcome to the Garden of Friendship, the magical world of My Little Pony! Here the ponies play together and invent many things magical and fun adventures! Always stay with them: the Ponies are waiting for you in their magical world!

Spinning Top is the tidiest. He gets agitated immediately when something is in disarray. She always looks in the mirror to check that her hair is always in place.





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