Too Sick to Notice

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Too Sick to Notice
Generation 1 | Season 3 | Episode 1 (B)
My Little Pony Tales
Original Airdate July 3, 1992
Writer(s) Kayte Kuch and

Sheryl Scarborough

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Slumber Party Battle of the Bands

"Too Sick to Notice" is the second episode of the My Little Pony Tales cartoon series. It originally aired along with "Slumber Party". It was written by Kayte Kuch and Sheryl Scarborough.


Bon Bon is preparing to go to the cinema with her dad when she, Amber and Twink hear a loud noise. Investigating, they find their baby brother has a bad cold. Bon Bon asks if he will be okay. Her father says he will, making Bon Bon happy they can go to the cinema still. Bon Bon's father, however, informs her that for Baby Pony to be okay, he needs to stay at home and help make him better. Bon Bon accepts they won't go to the cinema after all.

Soon after, Bon Bon finds the rest of her family equally preoccupied with caring for baby Pony. Bon Bon's mother won't do her hair as she needs to comfort the baby. Misty won't do Bon Bon's hair either as she's busy preparing Baby Pony's meal. And Rusty won't play with Bon Bon as he's doing the laundry. Feeling ignored, Bon Bon plans to fake herself an illness in order to get the attention she craves. Her family falls for her act and begins pampering her, much to Bon Bon's delight, even though she has to accept that for the sake of her act, she has to decline an invitation from Starlight to go to the ciname, and invitation from Patch to go roller skating, and an invitation from Melody for the Cleveland Bays concert with backstage passes.

Bon Bon makes the most of the situation, sending her father and Rusty into the rain to fetch her the latest magazines and keeping Amber and Twink occupied with ever-changing demands. It isn't until her selfishness messes up dinner that Bon Bon starts feeling guilty. She visits Baby Pony's room, noticing her brother is only happy to be feeling better, and decides to confess to her parents that she has faked her illness. Her parents take it well, as they are happy Bon Bon is healthy and understand she was feeling left out when Baby Pony got all the attention. Bon Bon promises to make up for her behavior, a gesture that becomes a necessity soon when her entire family comes down with a cold. This doesn't bother Bon Bon in the least, as not only does she get to make amends for her selfishness, she also finally gets the attention she craved for.



Bon Bon's mother: "Aaw, that's an awfully big sneeze for such a little guy."

Amber: "Why is he 'sploding?"

Bon Bon: "I'm so sick of baby being sick!"

Starlight: "I thought you were sick."
Bon Bon: "I'm fine now. I just needed a little attention."
Bon Bon's mother: "Bon Bon, can you find a new magazine for me?"
Bon Bon's father: "And then will you change the channel on the television?"
Misty: "I'd like a glass of water."
Rusty: "Do I need more medicine yet?"
Amber: "I want my blanky!"
Bon Bon: "But now, I've got all the attention I can handle. Isn't it great?"


A Little Attention

All my toys are boring, no one wants to play
People keep ignoring me, no matter what I say
All this fuzz of baby brother, 'cause he has the flu
Well, I would like a little attention too

Everyone is busy, running here and there
I could fall down dizzy and I bet no one would care
All because they heard my baby brother start to cough and sneeze
Well, I would like a little attention, please

They all act as if I don't exist
Were I to disappear, it's clear, I would not be missed

Baby brother's pampered, I like that a lot
But I'm slightly hampered, 'cause he's ill and I am not
Let's suppose that dad and mother thought that I was sick
Bet you anything that would do the trick

Oh yes, that would get me a lot of attention quick


Story Errors

  • Rusty sooooo hadn't sorted the clothes before Bon Bon jumped into the pile.

Animation Errors

  • While Misty says she has to concentrate there are only two bottle on the side instead of the three we see to start with.
  • While Bon bons mother hugs Bon bon just after she confesses, Bon bon’s cutie mark disappears.
  • Bon bon sits Misty on the sofa next to her parents but next scene she’s lying down covered with a blanket.


  • "Baby Pony" is an awfully awkward name for a pony. Could it be that "Baby Pony" was an early script description of Bon Bon's youngest brother that never got updated?
  • "Too Sick to Notice" has been released on DVD in Australia by MRA Entertainment on October 12, 2005, and in the UK by Metrodome on August 16, 2004.

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