Tropical Sea Breeze

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Sea Breeze
MOC Sea Breeze
MOC UK Version Surfing Days
G1 Sea Breeze's Symbol

Sea Breeze is one of the G1 Tropical Ponies.

American English: Sea Breeze
British English: Surfing Days
German: Surfi

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Backcard Stories

US Backcard story One sunny day, four pony friends sailed under the rainbow's arch and discovered a tropical island where everything shone with the brightest and most beautiful colors the ponies ever saw. Pina Colada and Sea Breeze hopped onto the dazzling pink beach to play volleyball, while Tootie Tails and Hula Hula splashed in the sparkling blue water. While the four friends nibbled a tasty lunch beneath gleaming green palm trees, tropical rainbow dew fell on them and changed them into the brightest ponies of all. The delighted friends quickly sailed back to Ponyland to show everyone their brilliant new look. And that is the story of how the Tropical Ponies got their bright colors!

UK Backcard story

"Aren't you surfing today, Surfing Days?" asked Sail Away. "There's no surf. The sea is calm." replied the Tropical Pony sadly.

"Make a warm breeze." suggested Sail Away. "Of course!" laughed Surfing Days. "If I fly over the sea the heat from my sizzling colours will make a warm breeze."

Surfing Days loves surfing, and the friendly fish who lives in the sea around the tropical island join in her fun!

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