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The playset consist of a large white cloud with a rainbow and a yellow sun. The little cloud that sits on top of the rainbow is actually where the shower mechanism is hooked up to. Once the bottom was filled with water you could press the button on the right side for water to sprinkle out of the shower, the button on the left made bubbles in the pool. There are two versions of the waterfall, the normal white version and also one released in Europe that is now green in colour it is usually referred to as Cascade's Waterfall

G1 Waterfall
G1 Waterfall Instructions Front
G1 Waterfall Instructions Back

It came with:


Note: These stories are reproduced exactly as they appear on the ponies' backcards, including all errors.

My Little Pony Waterfall:

On sunny days all the little ponies gather under the waterfall to wash their long silky manes. Bubbles loves to sit in the middle of the pond and pop all the soap bubbles. Seashell wades in the shallow part and says it is the next best thing to being at the beach. The ponies splash about and laugh at the antics of the pegasus Sprinkles, who lives among the clouds. "Catch me if you can," Sprinkles shouts as she flies into the rainbow and goes into a spiral loop!

Sprinkles the Pegasus and her sidekick Duck Soup:

One day when Sprinkles the Pegasus was flying up along the clouds, she discovered a waterfall. Under it was a beautiful pond, nestled among the clouds. Sprinkles flew down and began to splash and frolic in the water! She was having so much fun washing her mane and tail in the soap bubbles that she didn't notice someone else was there, too. "Hi," quacked a voice. "My name's Duck Soup!" With a quick shake of her tail feathers, the duck waddled over to greet Sprinkles! Sprinkles knew right away that Duck Soup liked ponds as much as she did. They took a bubble bath together and soon became the best of friends.

Our Pony's Personality:

Sprinkles enjoys taking long, luxurious bubble baths under the waterfall as well as flying over the rainbow in search of an adventure! She loves to play in the water and is learning how to dive. (Right now she's working on a back flip.) She often shows off her latest dive for the others when they are bathing in the pond.

European Releases

Italy - La Casca*Stella

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