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Dream Beauty Windwalker
MIB Windwalker

Pony Stats

  • Pose Crystalline Pose (altered, with wings)
  • Body Colour: Blue with pink socks, muzzle and wings base and pearly light purple wingtips
  • Hair Colour: Light purple
  • Eye Colour: Light purple with pink eyeshadow
  • Symbol: Yellow bird carrying a yellow and purple swirl trailed by four yellow & purple stars


  • A ribbon
  • A brush or a pick

Back Card Stories

Songrider's backcard

Rainbow Beauty - She's so pretty with her colorfully striped hair and swirling rainbow designs.

Showtime Beauty - She looks like a glamorous carousel horse with her elegant, sculpted designs.

Shimmering Beauty - Her glimmering body is sprinkled with silvery glitter and beautiful colors.

Trim 'n Grow Beauty - Pull her hair to make it grow, then clip and style it with special scissors. Includes extra hair pieces.

Sweet Perfume Beauty - Swing open her shiny medallion to find fragrant cream perfume for you to wear.

Highflying Beauty - With shimmering colors and large, graceful wings for sweeping through the sky.

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