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Prized Pig in Blue Ribbon Blues

Yorky is one of the minor characters in My Little Pony Tales. He features in the episode Blue Ribbon Blues and he is a prize winning pig who belongs to Corny. He’s chased off by Teddy who is visiting the farm with Sweetheart trying to prove he was a nice guy. Teddy chases Yorky off because he is trying to get his own back on Yorky from the other days when Yorky threw mud in Teddy’s face due to Teddy insulting Yorky, soaked Teddy with water and destroyed Teddy's teddy bear. Yorky ends up trapped in a stream by some twigs, Corny saves him but ends up in need of help himself to which Teddy who is afraid of the water jumps in and saves Corny. Despite all that Yorky wins the Blue Ribbon prize at the fair he was being prepared for.