Celebration at Canterlot Castle

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Stock photo
Shine Bright Twilight Sparkle instructions front
Shine Bright Twilight Sparkle instructions back

With the CELEBRATION AT CANTERLOT CASTLE playset, you can style your TWILIGHT SPARKLE and STARBEAM TWINKLE pony figures’ hair and set up tea parties! Set out the ""cake"" and tea things and have a party with your ponies. Includes 2 pony figures, cake on pedestal, cake slice, layer cake, tea cart, tea pot, sugar bowl, creamer, tea tray, 2 tea cups and saucers, table with balloon, punch bowl, ladle, 2 cups, present, wand, 2 tiaras, comb, 4 barrettes, chest and dresser with mirror. Includes 2 button-cell batteries.


  • The box comes with a lid so that it can be used as both a storage box and playset.
  • The teaset included in this playset is a reissue of the teaset included with G3.5 Ponyville Tea with Pinkie Pie.

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