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The scope of this is currently limited to what was released in the US mostly, though it is being slowly expanded.



Including big brothers and sweetheart sisters.

Various Adult Pony Genera

Tail Action

Does your pony's tail do something awesome?

My pony has tail action!

Symbol Types

3-D Symbols

My pony has a 3-D symbol! (Including Merry Go Round Ponies.)

Twice As Fancy

Is her symbol all along her flanks? Is her symbol an image or theme repeated more than once on each hip? She is a Twice As Fancy Pony!

Glittery Symbol

She is an adult ponies with a glittery symbol! (And not a Sweetheart Sister Pony.)

More regular pony!

She is just a regular pony! Non-puffy hair, no weird holes, no glitter, no hard plastic attachments, 2-D single symbol only on her hips and not all over her flanks...

She is a more regular pony.

Sea Pony or Mermaid Pony

She's an aquatic pony!

Non-pony Animal

It's a Pony Friend/Pretty Pal!

Make sure it is not a Fairy Tail Bird or a Moon Dreamers Friend.


Is your Baby pony a boy, a teeny tiny baby, a newborn, or rather regular?

Baby Boy Ponies

Does your small sized pony have a kind of big head an open mouth and either feathers around it's feet or molded horse shoes?

It's a baby boy pony!

Teeny Tiny Baby Ponies

Is your baby pony just insanely tiny? With the smallest button nose, her head actually about half the size of the entire rest of her body, and just over 2" tall?

She is a Teeny Tiny Baby Pony!

Newborn Baby Ponies

Is your baby pony between 2" and 4" and have a certain chub to her..? And look about to scale with the below babes?

She is a Newborn Baby Pony!

More Regular Baby Ponies

Does your ponies body type not match any of the above more differenter baby ponies above, but look like the ones below?

She's a rather regular sized baby pony!

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