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Generation 1


"マイリトルポニー" ⇒ mai ritoru ponii ⇒ My Little Pony

In the 1980s Hasbro had a give and take relationship with the Japanese toy company Takara (now called Takara Tomy). Takara licensed Transformers to Hasbro. Hasbro licensed Takara "My Little Pony". In 1985 the Japan exclusive the toy line "Mai Ritoru Ponii - Osharena Ponii" or "My Little Pony - Stylish Pony" debuted. The toys were marketed as poseable dolls that you could dress up and style their hair. There are 4 main characters, and at least 11 different outfits that could be purchased separately.

The information on this page about the Takara line is as described by the packaging and catalog pages. Since only some of the toys are known by collectors to definitely exist, it is very likely that much of it never made it past the prototype stage. Toys confirmed to exist are laid out in a chart below. The lack of a network of thrift stores such as those that exist in the US is one of many possible reasons for why so few of the toys have been found by modern collectors.

Also, of the few items found, there has been variance between two pieces of pony wear apparently meant to be the same item. There is no telling what kind of color/pattern/accessory variance is possible with these toys.

  • The main characters are twin sisters Pinky and Milky and their younger twin sisters Lily and Popo.
  • There are four additional Ochame Fashion friends who are the same size as Pinky and Milky.
  • There are 10 additional animal twins sets that are the same size as Lily and Popo.


Before you get too excited, only about 1/4 of the toys from the catalog have been confirmed to have actually been produced.

And only a handful total have been found. So, you cannot expect to be able to collect these at all.

Confirmed Takara

toy sighted notes



Hair Designer - Milky

Lily and Popo Carriage Playset

Maybe? A really good MIB fakie has been sighted.

Lily and Popo Bathtub Playset

Dress Up House Playset or "omekashi house"

comes only with Popo?

Ochame Fashion Curly-Hair Doll or "kurukuru-hair"

Ochame Fashion Fluffy-Hair Doll or "fuwafuwa-hair"

She is often mistaken for Pinky

Ochame Fashion Silky-Hair Doll or "sarasara-hair"

Hair Designer

Stylish Pony Hair Designer 2,400 yen

There were two releases of "Hair Designer", one each with Pinky and Milky. The set came with a variety of hair styling accessories.

Translation of text from catalog:
Stylish Pony Deluxe Type comes with a dresser, a hair dryer, a hat, hair curlers,
and various other accessories for styling hair, meant to increase your pony styling fun.
Stylish Pony Hair Designer 2,400 yen
Pinky Release
  • doll
  • white dress with white lace trim and yellow neck bow
  • pink dresser
  • pink hair dryer
  • blue brush
  • green hair extension
  • blonde hair extension
  • yellow hat
  • two pink curlers
  • pink eyeshadow pallet
  • beaded necklace
  • hair band with colorful plastic flowers
  • five different hair clips/picks
Milky Release
  • doll
  • pink dress with blue flowers and white lace trim
  • green hair extension
  • blue hair extension
  • pink hair dryer
  • blue brush
  • red hat
  • blue dresser
  • pink bow hair clip
  • two pink hair picks

Oshare Pony

Stylish Pony 1,380 yen to 1,800 yen
Pony Doll Clothes Dresses 650 yen to 1,000 yen
MIB Pinky
MIB Milky

Oshare Pony Pinky -at least three releases
Regular -purple dress with small hearts on it with a yellow tie.
Regular -yellow dress
Osharena Pony Color Wedding
Oshare Pony Milky -at least three releases
Regular -pink dress with a white lace hem and a light yellow bow at the neck
Regular -light pink and white checkered dress
Osharena Pony Color Wedding

Stylish Pony Color Wedding

Stylish Pony Color[ful] Wedding 1,980 yen
Pony Doll Clothes Dress (Color[ful] Wedding) 1,000 yen

Pony Kisekae Dress

Stylish Pony 1,380 yen to 1,800 yen
Pony Doll Clothes Dresses 650 yen to 1,000 yen

"osharena ponii no kisekae doresu" or "Stylish Pony Doll Clothes Dress"

  • There were at least 11 different outfits that could be purchased separately for the dolls 1
  • The single outfit sets came with a dress, a necklace and two plastic bow shaped decorative hair picks/combs (one yellow and one pink).
Kisekae Dress -clothing sets for the adult sized dolls
single clothing set - at least 10
double clothing set - at least one

Stylish Pony Color Wedding Pony Doll Clothes Dress

Stylish Pony Color[ful] Wedding 1,980 yen
Pony Doll Clothes Dress (Color[ful] Wedding) 1,000 yen

Ochame Fashion

Stylish Pony (Playful Collection) 1,980 yen

  • Aside from Pinky and Milky there were also four adult sized "ochame fashion" dolls sold separately. Ochame translates as playful or mischevious.

-"kurukuru-hair" or "curly hair": pale green body with teal hair
-"sarasara-hair" or "silky hair": very pale body with yellow hair
-"amiami-hair" or "braided hair": pale blue body with blue hair
-"fuwafuwa-hair" or "fluffy hair": pale pink body with darker pink hair




These are prototypes of the Ochame Fashion ponies sold on a Japanese auction site. They were "hair test" prototypes, testing the styles of the hair. None of them have eyes or clothes.

Pony Style House

Pony Style House 3,980 yen

Dress Up House

thumbnail that appears to be from a different auction of the same item
  • "omekashi hausu" or "literally dressing up house"
  • images from old yahoo.co.jp auctions

Dream Capsule

Let's Dress up on a Stylish Pony Playful Dress (Dream Capsule) 2,800 yen

Accessory Set

Stylish Pony Accessory Sets 480 yen each


Plush Toy Ponies (Pinky and Milky) 2,800 yen each

The Land of Close Friends

Cute Pony and The Land of Close Friends 480 to 680 yen each
Animal Friend Twins
same scale as Lily and Popo
10 different sets

Kawaii Pony or Lili and Popo

Popo (non poseable)
Popo's copyright marking (see copyright mark without a hole here
  • Kawaii Ponii or Cute Pony are the younger twin sisters of Pinky and Milky.
  • Only two kawaii (or baby) ponies were made, Riri/Lili/Lily (pink with purple hair) and Popo (yellow with pink hair).

  • They were together in three sets. The dolls varied in each set. Also the non-poseable dolls were in slightly different poses. Lily has her hands in her lap whereas Popo has her hands out in front of her. The majority of Fakie babies are cast from Lily, with their hands in their lap, but both types of fakies were made.

Poseable Kawaii Ponies

Kawaii Pony (Poseable) 680 yen each
Poseable Ponies -poseable!

Kawaii Ponies and Bubble Bath

Kawaii Pony and Bubble Bath 1,980 yen
Bubble Bath Ponies -had drain holes on the bottom

Kawaii Ponies with Wagon

Kawaii Pony (with a wagon) 1,380 yen

Wagon Ponies -no drain hole

Generation 2

Small Plush Purses by Tomy, of G1 ponies but sold during G2[1]


Japanese keychain backcard

These keychains were released as G1 retro merchandise in G2 and only in Japan. They are very hard to find.

Phone Straps


Generation 3

G3 Pinkie Pie plush keychain

A small amount of merchandise was available for G3.

Generation 4

shirts and tights by galaxxxy[2]

G4 has hit Japan, and we are waiting for Japan exclusive merch!

  • G1 Bridal Friends commercial youtube

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