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This is a page for all that stuff that was made well after 1992 but depicts original ponies from the first generation.

Cloth Items

  • Bags - bags, totes, purses, backpacks, etc
  • Linens - Bedding, sleeping bags, curtains, and other MLP cloth material
  • Apparel

Paper Items


Pony Shaped Toys and Figures


Games and Toys

Personal Items


G1 TV and Movies Re-released on DVD

25th Anniversary Reissue Ponies



Hallmark 2014 Cotton Candy Keepsake

Back Card Story

Who's that lovely pony in pink? Why, it's Cotton Candy! She pranced her way into little girls' hearts in 1983, along with the rest of the My Little Pony gang. Although the original group has grown throughout the years, all My Little Pony pals have something in common: they know how awesome girls can be! Cotton Candy and friends teach girls of all ages to value friendship, conquer fears and take life by the "reins"!

Valerie Shanks, Hallmark Keepsake Artist


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