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My Pretty Mermaids are mermaid dolls made by the Playskool division of Hasbro. In advertisements they were photographed with My Little Pony combs, though they actually came with their own unique combs.

The My Pretty Mermaids series was released in 1991. In the spirit of My Little Pony and My Pretty Pony, the mermaids had markings on their opposeable tail fins which would appear after contact with cold water. Some of the mermaids even shared the same name as some of the My Little Pony dolls.[1]


Though the My Pretty Mermaids never recieved their own animated series, there was a brief moment of animation in the commericals. The commercials featured a song sung in the same tune as the My Little Pony theme, and it sounds as though it were sung by the same vocalists.[2] [3] [4]

Original Mermaids

There were four origional My Pretty Mermaids, each with solid colored bows in their hair and a comb decorated with three fish.

Rainbow Mermaids

The Rainbow My Pretty Mermaids came with an extra long rainbow stripe in their hair and their tails were decorated with three rainbow stripes. They also came with a head dress or bowtie, a fluffy vest, and a comb decorated with a starfish and rainbow.[5]

Princess Mermaids

Just as My Little Pony had a set of Princess Pony dolls, My Pretty Mermaids had a set of four Princess Mermaid dolls, though the "Princess" title was not used in nameing the Mermaids, beyond the name of the doll set. The My Pretty Mermaid Princess Mermaids came with glittery tails, longer hair, and a dress and head dress. Their combs were decorated with sea horses.[6]

Moon Glow Mermaids

My Pretty Mermaid Moon Glow Mermaids had sparkly Glow In The Dark fins, and their symbols were revealed when their fins glowed. Instead of gleams, they had stars in their eyes and their hair was extra long.

Sun Sparkle Mermaids

My Pretty Mermaid Sunsparkle Mermaids were vibrantly colored and are often mistakenly called Neon Mermaids. Their hair ribbons were decorated with stars and zig-zags, or circles and polka dots. Their combs had a sun wearing sun glasses.

Gem Bright Mermaids

My Pretty Mermaid Gem Bright Mermaids had gemstones set in the middle of their bra tops instead of the traditional clam shell. They had tinsel in their hair, sparkely fins, and diamond gleams in their eyes. They came with hair bows, skirts, and glittery combs.

Seaside Wedding Set

The Seaside Wedding set came with a bride mermaid (Lovestruck) and a groom merman (Ocean Kiss). The set came with a purple clam shell that contained a baby girl or boy mermaid, and a pink sea horse comb.

Other Characters

There are other characters from the book "Wave Dancer is Missing" that may not have been released as dolls.

African American Variant Mermaids

There are African American varients of the My Pretty Mermaid dolls. It is possible that all four of the origional mermaids were made with both lighter and darker skinned versions. One such variant was featured on the Fashion Treasure accessory backcards. (See the Original Mermaids for more information.)

Play Sets, Accessories, and Merchandise

There were two playsets, a small series of clothing accessories, a book, and a lunch box released in association with this toy line.[7][8]

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