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Ponyville Ponies are small hard molded plastic ponies, The new releases have removable hair. Ponyville ponies usually come with lots of accessories and have more imaginative sets including merponies and anthropomorphic poses. [1]

There are 46 different Ponyville Characters.

The Core 7

Ponyville toys were first released in G3 Year Four.

Year Four (2006)

Year Five (2007)

Ponyville Singles

Accessory Sets

Ponyville Ponies

  • Ponyville 6-Pack with Ribbon Wishes, Lavender Lake, Sunset Sweety, Breezie Dreams, Flippity Flop, and Bay Breeze

Playsets 2007

  • Pinkie Pie Balloon House with Bonus Playmat
    • bonus special playmat
    • two bonus ponies Magic Marigold and Fair Weather
    • bonus scooter and helmet.
  • Teapot Palace Bonus Sets
    • Bjs; bonus ponies Triple Treat, Desert Rose, Rainbow Dash and Daisyjo
    • Walmart; bonus ponies Fluttershy, Rainbow Dash and Wysteria
    • Teapot Palace and Shoe Time with Toola-Roola Value Pack
    • Teapot Palace and Tea with Pinkie Pie Value Pack

Valentine's Day Ponies


2007 McDonalds Ponyville Ponies 8 toy set

2007 G3 Mcdonalds toys

Year Six (2008)

Ponyville Singles

  • Rainbow Dash (with baking accessories)
  • Sweetiebelle (with cafe accessories)
  • Starsong (with salon accessories)

Pony Packs

Accessory Sets

Playsets 2008


Advent Calendar(Pinkie Pie, Minty, Sweetie-Belle) A Very Minty Xmas DVD(bonus Minty)


Year Seven (2009)

anthro ponies

Ponyville Singles

Ponyville Packs

  • 3-Pack: Pinkie Pie, Starsong, and Rainbow Dash

(international and at Kmart)

Accessory Playsets

Cheerleader Fun v.2(Rainbow Dash & Pinkie Pie)







Foreign Ponyville Singles

Year Eight (2010)


Ponyville Mermaid Singles

Accessory Playsets

Playsets 2010



Blind Bag Ponies

  • Core 7
  • Mermaid

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