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Meet the Ponies

Generation 3.5 or G3.5 is the term for ponies made in the swan song of G3. They are known as G3.5 because they are the same characters as G3, but Hasbro gave the ponies a heavy style makeover so drastic that many collectors consider them a whole new generation.

They were only produced from late 2009 and were then phased out by late 2010 and replaced by the G4 Ponies. However G3.5 toys were still kicking around Target and similar stores into mid-2011, pushed to the side by their extremely more popular replacements.

G3.5 ponies had extra large heads, small bodies, big feet, and enormous eyes in comparison to G3 ponies. The G3.5 ponies are considered to be kid ponies. Each pony was given their own age, and are sized accordingly with Sweetie Belle being the smallest.

This is the year the Newborn Cuties were first released. These are baby versions of the Core 7. They are not proportionate to their adult counterparts and have diapers instead of tails. Their symbols are printed on their diapers.

Ponyville was also affected by the redesign.

2009's McDonald's ponies were in the G3.5 mold. Only six of the Core 7 were made, with Toola-Roola being left out.

The Core 7

New Look

New Look Ponies 2009

Super Long Hair Ponies 2009

Sparkly Ponies 2009

Special Edition Ponies

Twice As Fancy Ponies 2009

Hairstyles Ponies

Large Styling Ponies

Play Sets

Other Releases

Hat Box 2010

Ponies with Skirts 2010

Holiday Ponies

McDonalds Toys

(no Toola-Roola)

Newborn Cuties

The Core 7 Newborn Cuties

Mom Ponies

The only other ponies released in this style besides the Core 7 are the Mom ponies that come with the Newborn Cutie sets. None of these Ponies have official names besides "Mom."

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