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Glo Friends is a short lived TV show and toy line from the 80s made by Playskool. The cartoon aired along side My Little Pony and Friends during 1986[1], each show being 15 minutes long together they filled up a 30 minutes time slot. [2]

Glo Worm came with Baby North Star and Baby Lickety Split

According to manufacturer instructions: "To recharge your Glo Friend simply hold near any household light for a few seconds. Turn around to expose its front and back to the light. DO NOT hold nearer than 15cms to a light bulb."

All characters from 1986 & 1987 (except Glo Spider & Glo Worm) were sold with Wendy's Fast Food Restaurant Kids Meals in 1988 in North America.

A few Baby Ponies came with a glo worm friend, albeit a non-glowing rendition.

Glo Snail backcard
Glo Grannybug/Omama German Card, Front
Glo Grannybug/Omama German Card, Back

Glo Friends (1986)

Eight friends made up the original series of Glo Friends, originally released by Hasbro's Pre-School division.

Glo Friends (1987)

Six new characters were introduced this year along with re-releases of the original eight friends. However, one version of this release omitted both Glo Cricket and Glo Spider altogether.

Glo Friends (1988)

A final six new characters were introduced this year with re-releases of the six new friends introduced the previous year. However, one version of this release substituted Glo Skunkbug with yet another release of Glo Worm.

Glo Friends with Animal Friends


Mail Order Glo Friends

In 1986 through to 31 January 1987, two exclusive Glo Friends were offered as mail-order promotions. They were named Glo Prayerbug and Glo Flutterbug and were available for $2.50 each, plus 2 Moon Drops points each.

Sleeping Bags

"GLO FRIENDS like to hang around... in their sleeping bags! Thread a piece of ribbon, 25cms or less through the top button hole and slots in the bottom of the sleeping bag. Hang them by your bed to watch them glow, or take them with you wherever you go."

Most Glo Friends came with a small cotton pouch referred to as a "sleeping bag". Please Note: There are cotton colour variations with the green sleeping bags.

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