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Rainbow Dash figurine

G4 Blind Bag Ponies are pony toys that take the form of fully molded figurines that approximately half the size of a Playful Pony figure. Blind Bag Ponies tend to more closely resemble the characters from My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic due to their molded hair. The term Blind Bag Pony refers to the packaging that the figurine comes in: opaque "surprise" packaging that prevents the user from determining what pony is inside. However, each bag also includes a unique imprinted code somewhere on the bag. As collectors have discovered, this code can be deciphered to reveal the identity of the pony within the bag.

Early Blind Bag waves consisted solely of female ponies and were recolors of the Mane Six. At this point, Unicorns were based off of Twilight Sparkle or Rarity, while Earth Ponies were based off of Pinkie Pie or Applejack. All Pegasus Ponies were recolors of Rainbow Dash, including Fluttershy, one of the Mane Six. Later waves added more variety in molds, including male Earth, Unicorn, and Pegasus Ponies, and Alicorn Ponies. Also, while some early waves featured the Mane Six and recycled G3 ponies, later waves tend to include more supporting and minor characters from the TV show.

Some blind Bag sized figurines have been released as part of a miniature set, including anywhere from three to six ponies. Most revolve around a specific theme. Figurines released as part of these sets are more likely to have unique, individual molds, rather than being recolors and thus, are more likely to be accurate to the show. Some of the molds used for these figurines have been used in later Blind Bag Waves for re-releases or as recolors for other ponies.


About Blind Bags

Previous Gens

G4 are not the first My Little Pony blind bags. See Blind Bag Ponies. The scale of G4 blind bag ponies is similar to Ponyville figurines of G3 and G3.5 (so they may be referred to also G4 Ponyville or G4 PV).

Blind Bags vs Sets

Pony figurines are either released individually in blind bags or boxed sets (with the occasional boxed single).

Blind Bags include one figurine and a matching collector card, featuring the name and artwork of the pony, and a simple description about the pony's personality. The monolingual US collector cards tend to feature a longer description than multilingual European cards.


The US distribution of blind bags mostly missed the first two waves. In their place were briefly packaged ponies on cards.

The initial delay spurred collectors to source their ponies from Taobao.

Blind Bag Identification

Two Digit Codes
Early European blind bags have two numerals lightly stamped on the outside of the bag on the top the back seam. These numbers correspond with the pony's number listed below.
Five Digit Codes
Except for the newest Neon set, all American blind bags, and later European blind bags have a five digit code stamped into the flap on the back of the package. The 1st, 3rd, and 5th number is to confuse you. The second and forth numbers tell you which pony is inside. See the charts below.
Two Letter Codes
The Neon set has a two letter code stamped into the bottom flap of the bag. The first letter is A and the second letter tells you which pony is inside. See below for a chart matching ponies to letters.

Blind Bag Waves

Blind Bag Wave I

G4 Blind Bag
Identifying Blind Bags Chart[1]
Purple and pink variants of Glittery Twilight Sparkle
Lily Blossom variants

Euro Wave I

All 24 ponies were released in blind bags in Europe from the start.

US Wave I

MIB US figurine four-pack
Pinkie Pie variants - single on left, TRU pack on right

At first in the US/North America only the mane characters were released. Fluttershy at first only appeared in the US with the puzzle house (which is still quite rare), which drove her value up extremely high initially.

They have been packaged:

The individual on card ponies have been sold in the US, Canada, and the UK so far.

Playhouse Puzzle

Front of box
Side of box


US Box of Blind Bags

The first set of blind bags appeared by the box (finally) on hasbrotoyshop.com February 2012, ie officially available in the US.

Very hard to read six-digit id number, 22445 for Glittery Rainbow Dash.

It seems that some/all of the first full run of blind bags released in North America do not have their collector card number punched into the packaging. Secretly however they do. Each of the two-digit numbers have been interspersed with the numbers: 2, 4, and 5. (Single digit numbers written with a zero ie 2 is written as 02). [2]

So 02 + 245 = 20425.

Second Set of Ponies (24 Pieces)


Second Blind Bag Set, (Dark) Purple Bag

This set re-releases the mane six, and now includes the glitter versions of the rest of the mane six (ie Applejack, Rarity and Fluttershy). The set is about 1/3 characters that have been released as G4 full sized toys, 1/3 mane cast and 1/3 entirely new characters.

Euro Wave II

The whole set of 24

Third Set of Ponies (12 Pieces)

US Wave II

stock photo
stock photo
Pinkie Pie variants - single on left, TRU set on right

The Toys 'R Us Exclusive 12-pack contains the mane six and six new G4 characters (different from Euro blind wave II), that are all G3 up-cycles.

Fourth Set of Ponies (24 Pieces)

Third Blind Bag Set, Light Purple Bag

The set is the first G4 merchandise to feature male ponies [3] or anything glow-in-the-dark.

Euro Wave III

Euro box

Fifth Set of Ponies (24 Pieces)

L to R: Wave 2, Pony Rainbow Collection, Wave 4
L to R: Pony Rainbow Collection, Wave 2, Wave 4

Fourth Blind Bag Set, Blue Bag

Euro Wave IV

The secret ID number on some packaging may have five digits rather than two digit. (Single digit numbers written with a zero ie 2 is written as 02.) The two-digit numbers have been interspersed with the numbers: 5, 4, and 2. [4]

So 02 + 542 = 50422.

Stock photos from Equestria Daily.

Sixth Set of Ponies (24 Pieces)


Fifth Blind Bag Set

Left Wave 3 Heartstrings; Right Wave 5 Lyra Heartstrings

Stock photos from Equestria Daily.

Seventh Set of Ponies (24 Pieces)


Sixth Blind Bag Set, Purple/Blue Bag

Euro Wave VI

Wave 1 (left) and Wave 6 (right) Roseluck comparison

This wave consists of regular versions of the glitter toys from wave IV, some of them with tridimensional cutie marks, Cherry Spices and Trixie Lulamoon with Twilight Sparkle's mold rather than the usual Rarity mold and Roseluck with new colors. The only new pony in this wave was #20 Magnet Bolt

Photos from Strawberry Reef.

Friendship Celebration Collection

Taobao MIP Friendship Celebration Collection

Pony Rainbow Collection

Rainbow Collection.jpg
Rainbow Collection MIB.jpg
stock photo
stock photo

The Pony Rainbow Collection versions of Pinkie Pie, Twilight Sparkle, Rainbow Dash, and Rarity are almost exact matches to the Wave 4 versions. Pinkie Pie and Rainbow Dash are darker than their Wave 1 versions. Twilight Sparkle is a brighter purple than Wave 1 as well. Fluttershy is darker than Wave 4 and slightly lighter but still close in color to her Wave 2 counterpart. Applejack is darker than in both Wave 4 and Wave 2. Rarity is more opaque than her Wave 2 version. With the exception of Emerald Ray, the Rainbow Collection does not have the black numbers stamped on the bottoms of their hooves differentiating them from the other waves.

Pinkie Pie and Friends Mini Collection

Pinkie Pie & Friends
Mini Collection™

The Applejack included in this set did not have her hair ties painted.

Blind Bag Wave VII

Wave 7 box side
Wave 7 bag identifying Soarin and Spitfire

This wave introduced the translucent pony miniatures. It featured three of the Wonderbolts, two of which were pictured in the packaging. Spitfire and Soarin had their names and descriptions switched on their collector cards, though they were named correctly in the packaging.

White background photos from 123toyuk.

Blind Bag Wave VIII

Close-up of the letter code

The bags for this wave were changed so that there was no longer a center flap for the codes to be imprinted on. Instead, letters were imprinted along the bottom edge of the bags. The numbers for the ponies were changed to the corresponding letter of the alphabet skipping the letters "J" and "Q" and adding an additional A at the beginning. That made #1 Applejack's code "AA," #2 Big McIntosh's code "AB" and so on through "AZ" for #24 Twilight Sparkle.

The ponies that are repeats from the seventh wave are brighter in the neon wave.

Blind Bag Wave IX

Sea Swirl Comparison L: Wave 3, R: Wave 9

Wave X

Glittery Snipsy Snap
Glittery Peachy Sweet

Wave ??

This image was compiled originally by VioletCLM on mlparena.com

Sunset Shimmer • DJ Pon-3 (plain version?)• Suri Polomare • Big Wig • Spitfire • Purple Wave • Emerald Ray (plain version?) • Flash Sentry • Rising Star • Apple Munchies • Lightning Dust • Pinprick • Violet Velvet • pale blue earth pony with magenta hair • dark pink stallion with light blue hair • lavender earth pony with dark pink hair • yellow earth pony with pink hair and purse cutie mark[5]

Miniature Sets

Miniature Collection Wave I

Apple Family Set
MIP Apple Family Set
MIP Apple Family Set (stock photo)

Cloudsdale Set
MIP Cloudsdale Set
MIP Cloudsdale Set (stock photo)

Pony Wedding Set
MIP Pony Wedding Set
MIP Pony Wedding Set (stock photo)

Wave II

Spa Pony Set
Spa Pony Set

Wave III

Class of Cutie Marks Set
Class of Cutie Marks Set MIB

Famous Friends Set
Famous Friends Set MIB

Miniature Collection Wave IV

Deluxe Miniature Collection

Cake Family Babysitting Fun
Cake Family Babysitting Fun MIB
Cake Family Babysitting Fun MIB
Cake Family Babysitting Fun




Royal Surprise Set
Royal Surprise Set
Royal Surprise Set

Miniature Collection Wave V


Daring Pony Story Set
Daring Pony Story Set MIB
Daring Pony Story Set

Soaring Pegasus Set
Soaring Pegasus Set
Soaring Pegasus Set

Ponyville Newmaker Set
Ponyville Newmaker Set
Ponyville Newmaker Set

See also


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