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Rarity is a G4 Unicorn Pony and one of the main characters in My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. Many toys versions of Rarity have been made and she is consistently seen on merchandise with the rest of the main cast.


Media Appearances

Animated Rarity

Pony Stats

  • Body Colour: Pale grey
  • Hair Colour: Purple with gradients
  • Eye Colour: Blue
  • Symbol: Three light blue diamonds

Rarity lives in Ponyville where she works as a fashion designer. She has a younger sister named Sweetie Belle, who lives with their parents. The two don't always get along, but Rarity cares deeply for her sister. Though Rarity is devoted to fashion and can sometimes be overdramatic, she is very generous and is always willing to help a friend. As a unicorn, she is capable of using magic to reveal hidden caches of gems which she gathers to use in her designs. She gained this ability spontaneously as a filly, which would lead to Rarity discovering her cutie mark. She represents the Element of Generosity.

Rarity is voiced by Tabitha St. Germain. She is sung by Kazumi Evans.


Year One (2010)

Playful Pony Rarity

Stock photo

This "Playful Pony" with pet release was later re-released with a mini-DVD containing "The Ticket Master" episode.

Pony Stats

  • Pose: Twilight Sparkle Pose
  • Body Colour:White
  • Hair Colour:Purple and Pink
  • Eye Colour:Blue
  • Symbol:Diamonds


Backcard Stories

RARITY knows how to add sparkle to any outfit! She loves to give her friends advice on the latest pony fashions and hairstyles. Good friends always stick together — just like your RARITY pony figure and her adorable bird figure. Put the saddle on your pony figure and her little friend can ride on it everywhere they go! Keep your RARITY figure’s pretty purple hair smooth with the brush, so she looks great no matter where her adventures take her. Pony figure comes with brush, bird figure and saddle. Ages 3 and up.

suggested US retail: $4.99

Fashion Style Rarity

MIB with variant accessories
Stock photo
Stock Photo

Rarity came with one comb, one belt, one necklace, one ring, one crown clip, two heart barrettes, and two diamond barrettes; however, the colors varied. The saddle and shoes did not have variants.

Backcard Stories

Fashion Style Rarity's Backcard

RARITY knows how to add sparkle to any outfit! She loves to give her friends advice on the latest pony fashions and hairstyles.

RARITY loves to wear jewelry to match her outfit. Style her hair with gem barrettes -- she'll look like a princess!

Ponies released in this set are:

Rarity's Royal Gem Carriage

Stock photo
Stock photo

Our My Little Pony Rarity's Royal Gem Carriage is a pretty pink carriage vehicle that's the perfect way for your RARITY™ pony figure to travel in style! Vehicle's mirror spins and its front and side doors open. Carriage vehicle comes with pony figure and accessories.

RARITY knows how to add sparkle to any outfit! She loves to give her friends advice on the latest pony fashions and hairstyles.

This pretty pink, purple and aqua carriage vehicle is definitely fit for royalty! Comb your RARITY pony figure's hair and put in one of her barrettes so she's ready to go for a ride. Then, open the carriage vehicle's front or side doors so she can get in. Your purple-haired pal can enjoy the scenery as she rides in her carriage or even take a peek in the carriage vehicle's spinning mirror. It's always a lovely day for a "drive" in this RARITY'S ROYAL GEM CARRIAGE vehicle!

Carriage vehicle comes with pony figure and accessories.

suggested retail: $12.99

It includes a ring, comb, a ribbon barrette and two bow barrettes. There were different color combinations for the accessories:

  • blue comb and ribbon barrette, purple ring, pink and purple bow barrettes
  • purple comb and ribbon barrette, pink ring, pink and blue bow barrettes
  • pink comb and ribbon barrette, blue ring, blue and purple bow barrettes

The barrettes and comb have pegs that allow them to be attached to the carriage. The picture in the carriage can be rotated to show one of two drawings of Rarity.

Rarity's Royal Gem Carriage was released with a bonus pony Star Swirl in Europe.


"Euro Backcard"

RARITY loves carriage rides with her friends!

Playsets released in 2010 are:

Year Two (2011)

Shine Bright Rarity


Stock photo
Stock photo

/!\WARNING: CHOKING HAZARD-Small parts. Not For Children Under 3 Years. RARITY knows how to add sparkle to any outfit! She loves to give her friends advice on the latest pony fashions and hairstyles. This beautiful pony figure really knows how to light up a room! Put on your RARITY pony figure’s saddle and then make her “prance” around with her lovely light-up unicorn horn. Help her look in the mirror or pose her in her loveliest stance as a beacon of friendship for all to see! Pony figure comes with saddle and mirror. Includes 2 “A76” button cell batteries. Ages 3 and up.

suggested retail: $7.99

"Backcard Story"


RARITY knows how to add sparkle to any outfit! She loves to give her friends advice on the latest pony fashions and hairstyles.

RARITY pony's unicorn horn shines bright when she uses her magic!

Ponies released in this set are:

Rarity Figurine

Stock photo

This figurine was released with both European Blind Bag sets, the North American single toy releases, and with the Toys 'R Us exclusive box set.


MIB US figurine four-pack

Single on Card

G4 Rarity figurine
G4 Rarity figurine MOC
G4 Rarity Backcard

Availability: US, Canada, and UK

RARITY knows how to add sparkle to any outfit! She loves to give her friends advice on the latest pony fashions and hairstyles.

This little pony figure is ready to play! Posed right in the middle of prancing, your RARITY pony figure has such a cheerful face because she loves to spend time with you. Act out fanciful stories about pony pals or just take her with you as you go about your day — she’s always happy to come along!

Ages 3 and up.

suggested US retail: $1.99

Ponies released in this set are:

Toys 'R Us Exclusive Box Set


The Toys 'R Us Exclusive 12-pack contains the mane six and six new G4 characters (different from Euro blind wave II), that are all G3 up-cycles.

  • released 2011
  • US exclusive?

Blind Bag Rarity

  • Rarity doesn't appear in the Fifth Blind Bag Set

Collector Cards

McDonalds Happy Meal


Rarity's Carousel Boutique

Stock photo
  • suggested retail: $29.99

"Backcard Story"


At RARITY'S CAROUSEL BOUTIQUE, fun is always in style! When RARITY isn't busy designing beautiful outfits in her shop, she invites her friends over to ride on the musical carousel!

RARITY knows how to add sparkle to any outfit!

Royal Ball at Canterlot Castle

Stock photo

"Backcard Story"

Back of box

CANTERLOT is the royal city in Equestria and home to Princess Celestia. The princess lives in a magical castle. Every pony dreams of visiting CANTERLOT!

Glimmer Wings Rarity

Stock photo
Stock photo
Glimmer Wings Rarity loose


"Backcard Story"


RARITY imagines having beautiful wings just like her butterfly friend, and fluttering across the sunny sky!

Year Three (2012)

McDonalds Happy Meal


Traveling Rarity

This is the figure with a suitcase and pet. On the hasbro website, it has one pictured with a DVD.

Back of box

Wedding Invitation Rarity


RARITY is invited to the royal wedding! It’s going to be an amazing day and she needs you to help her to look her very best. Set up her invitation and suitcase where she can look at them while you style her flowing mane and tail! When the special day finally arrives, you’ll have the prettiest pony wedding guest! -hasbro.com

Bridle Friend Rarity

stock photo
stock photo

It's time to celebrate the royal wedding of PRINCESS CADANCE and SHINING ARMOR! RARITY loves being a bridesmaid. She simply can't wait to see the bride wearing her wedding dress! No one brings more excitement to a happy event than your RARITY figure! She can't wait to help you celebrate. Help her into her fancy outfit and arrange her hair just right. There's a magical adventure in store for you, and your RARITY pony is the perfect friend to share it. -hasbro.com

Barrettes could come in alternate colors.

Midnight in Canterlot


Crystal Empire Single Rarity


Backcard Stories

RARITY wears a beautiful saddle and has sparkling hair just like the CRYSTAL EMPIRE ponies!

RARITY knows how to add sparkle to any outfit!

Year Four (2013)

Crystal Empire Masquerade Rarity


Crystal Motion Rarity

stock photo
stock photo

Twinkling Balloon Set

Stock Photo

Year Five (2014)

Rainbow Power Rarity


Fashion Style Rarity Rainbow Power


Styling Strands Rarity Rainbow Power

100 7105.JPG

Spa Pony Set Rarity Rainbow Power

Cutie Mark Magic Water Cutie Rarity

Basic Rarity


Funko Rarity


Funko released a vinyl collectible figure of Rarity. One in every twenty-four was a "chase" figure that was a translucent glittery version.

Glamour Glow Rarity

Glamour glow rarity.jpg

Year Six (2015)

Cutie Mark Magic Ribbon Rarity

Cutie Mark Magic Fashion Style Rarity

Cutie Mark Magic Friendship Flutter Rarity

Cutie Mark Magic Booktique Playset Rarity


Cutie Mark Magic Camping Set Rarity

Cutie Mark Magic Styling Strands Rarity

Cutie Mark Magic Hairbow Rarity

Ponymania Collection



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