Dewdrop Dazzle

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Dewdrop Dazzle

Dewdrop Dazzle is a G4 Unicorn Pony. She is exclusive to the toyline.

Pony Stats

  • Pose: Twilight Sparkle Pose
  • Body Colour: Aqua
  • Hair Colour: Pink and yellow
  • Eye Colour: Purple
  • Symbol: Pink and yellow umbrella

Year Two (2011)

Playful Pony Dewdrop Dazzle


Dewdrop Dazzle was released as a Playful Pony. Included were a comb, a duck figure, and a wagon that attached to the hind legs. Dewdrop Dazzle's boxart depicted her as a recolor of Twilight Sparkle.

Back Card Stories

US Backcard
European Backcard

DEWDROP DAZZLE loves to splash and play in puddles with her duck friend when it rains!

This little pony figure is ready to play! Poised and pretty, your DEWDROP DAZZLE pony figure has such a cheerful face because she loves to spend time with you. Set her off on new adventures with her fashionable wagon, and her pet duck figure can join in the fun! Act out fanciful stories about pony pals or just take her with you as you go about your day — she’s always happy to come along!

suggest retail: $4.99

Blind Bag Figurine


Dewdrop Dazzle was released as a Blind Bag Figurine in Wave 2. She was depicted as a recolor of G4 Rarity.

Year Four (2013)

Midnight in Canterlot

Dewdrop Dazzle

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