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'Fakie' or 'Phony' is a term coined by My Little Pony collectors for off-brand toys trying to get in on the popularity of My Little Ponies. The toys vary from exact casts of genuine ponies to toys that are barely recognizable as equine. Some collectors have even taken to collecting fakies.

Most fakies date to Generation 1, although several have appeared during Generation 3. With Generation 4 came more copies as well.



While most fakies at first sight may look like an exact replica, there are key features that will give away whether or not the pony is a genuine pony.

Stamps and Markings

Fakies generally do not have any markings, some may state their country of origin and some might state the production company. Generally genuine ponies will say Hasbro, country of origin and sometimes Pat. Pend., either on the bottom of their feet, inside the leg or on their bellies/rump. The exception to this rule are Nirvanas, they may for production reasons have had either or all of the above removed from their production mold where they were made.

Size and Shape

Sometimes the pony may look spot on, but upon closer inspection something looks off. Perhaps the face looks odd in shape, this may be a key that the pony is not genuine. There are a few exceptions to this rule however. South African ponies tend to have poses that are usually a blend of two ponies, which gives them a strange appearance.


Many cheap fakies usually have vibrant colors, the exception to this rule are Nirvana ponies - they may have ordinary poses and still have oddly vibrant colors.

Rooted Tails

Genuine ponies generally do not have rooted tails, they have their tails held by a washer - a metal piece securing it from the inside. However there are exceptions to this rule, South African ponies are known to have rooted tails instead of tails secured by washers.


Generally, genuine ponies have a nice even paint and symbols are vibrant and follow a uniform style and palette. Fakies on the other hand may have paint that is unstable and may bleed or not remain stable as a solid. There are however a few Nirvana ponies that are prone to doing this as well, especially Greeks.

Brand Names

Chap Mei

During Generation 2, Chap Mei entered the market with their own line of ponies. These ponies had an oblong body and short legs, their tails were rooted and had metallic accessories such ass winged saddles, crowns and necklaces prone to bleeding the dye into the plastic. There was also a smaller variant of solid PVC ponies with brushable tails that came with metallic saddles. The adult ponies are about 8.5" (11cm) tall while the small ones are roughly 2.5" (7cm).[1] As of Today Chap Mei focuses solely on manufacturing action figures and playsets. [2]


Remco was active in the early 80s when My Little Pony first started out, they made fakies with painted feet and were stamped Remco at the bottom of their feet. Their activity ceased once the company went bankrupt. [3][4] Their fakies generally had a rounded stubbly look as the ponies had big heads, round bodies and short thick legs. [5]


A company based in Europe, also shortly known as Super Toys between 1993-1994.[6] The company have been active in making ponies since Generation 1. They are notorious for using Hasbro's own molds of ponies and generally never brand their products, at most 'Made in China'. They are still active today and still produce ponies. Their sets are very generic and have themes such as family and weddings.

Pony Land



Buddy L

Princess Rinse 'n Spit


Collectors have dubbed this pony "Princess Rinse 'n Spit" because of her extremely pronounced open jaw full of big horsey teeth.

Crumpet Fakies

Crumpet fakie white blue flowers.JPG

Collectors have dubbed this pony "Crumpet" because of her pose.

Big Brother


Unknown Fakies

These ponies only come in the colors yellow, pink and blue and they all have the same three colors on all of their manes with the same balloon symbol. Their left back hooves read "Made in China", and they come with one or two brushes.

Garland Fakies

Garland Fakies

These fakies were only sold in Europe. It's unclear by what company but they came in many different colors.

Generation 2


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