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Fluttershy is a G4 Pegasus Pony. She is a main character in the TV Show, My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, and has been released as a toy in multiple configurations.

Media Appearances

Animated Fluttershy

Animated Pony Stats

  • Body Colour: Yellow
  • Hair Colour: Pink
  • Eye Colour: Blue
  • Symbol: Three pink butterflies

Fluttershy is one of the main characters in My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, and is a close friend to Twilight Sparkle. She is a very shy and quiet pony, though she can be assertive when aiding others. While most Pegasi in the show have weather-related responsibilities, Fluttershy cares for and is capable of communicating with woodland animals. She is noted to be a weak flyer in comparison to most Pegasi.

Fluttershy is voiced by Andrea Libman (who also voices Pinkie Pie).

Year One (2010)

Playful Pony Fluttershy

Fluttershy with light pink hair
Fluttershy with dark hair
Comparison of dark and light hair versions

Pony stats

  • Pose: G4 Rainbow Dash Pose
  • Body Colour: Yellow
  • Hair Colour: Pink
  • Eye Colour: Aqua
  • Symbol: Butterflies

Early versions of Fluttershy had dark pink hair. Beginning around the time that the Wave 3 Playful Ponies were released, her hair was switched to a lighter color.

Backcard Stories


US Backcard Story

FLUTTERSHY is a kind and gentle pony with a big heart. She likes to take care of others, especially her little animal friends!

Hasbro Website

FLUTTERSHY is a kind and gentle pony with a big heart. She likes to take care of others, especially her little animal friends! Good friends always stick together — just like your FLUTTERSHY pony figure and her adorable bunny figure. Attach the wagon to your pony figure to pull and her little friend can ride in it everywhere they go! Keep your FLUTTERSHY figure’s pretty pink hair smooth with the brush, so she looks great no matter where her adventures take her.

suggested US retail: $4.99

Spring Fluttershy

Pink basket version
Aqua basket version
Stock photo

Backcard Stories


Backcard Story

Pretty flowers are blooming everywhere! FLUTTERSHY loves to pick flowers in the springtime!

Hasbro Website

Pretty flowers are blooming everywhere! FLUTTERSHY loves to pick flowers in the springtime! Enjoy gathering “flowers” with an adorable friend! This specially decorated FLUTTERSHY pony figure just loves the springtime — and all of the flowers that go with it! Help her gather “flowers” in her basket accessory. But it’s not just the flowers that will look pretty; use the brush accessory to comb her lovely pink hair and keep her looking her very best. This yellow pony figure’s “sunny disposition” makes it feel like springtime, any time!

suggested retail: $4.99

Ponies released in this set are:

Year Two (2011)

Fluttershy's Nursery Tree

Stock photo
Stock photo


  • 2 bunnies
  • chipmunk
  • squirrel
  • tree
  • leaf cradle
  • highchair
  • wheelbarrow
  • bottle
  • carrot
  • cabbage

Playsets released in 2010 are:

Back Card Stories

FLUTTERSHY found the perfect tree to turn into a nursery! Now she can feed the baby forest animals and rock them to sleep!

Fluttershy Figurine

Puzzle House

Puzzle House
Fluttershy Puzzle House Back.jpg
Fluttershy Puzzle House Side 1.jpg
Fluttershy Puzzle House Side 2.jpg

Available mostly in Germany/German Amazon.com and very rare in the US(?).

  • 2011
  • Includes pony figure (Twilight, Pinkie Pie or Fluttershy)
  • Includes a 24 piece, double-sided puzzle featuring character on one side and garden floor on other for play.
  • Box unfolds to create miniature house

Toys 'R Us Exclusive Box Set


The Toys 'R Us Exclusive 12-pack contains the mane six and six new G4 characters (different from Euro blind wave II), that are all G3 up-cycles. Fluttershy's figurine and collector card depict her as a recolor of Rainbow Dash, in contrast to the rest of the Mane Six who retain their own unique figurines and artwork.

  • released 2011
  • US exclusive?

Blind Bag Fluttershy

Collector Cards

McDonalds Happy Meal 2011


Fashion Style Fluttershy

MIB with variant barrettes
Fashion Style Fluttershy Stock photo

Fashion Style Fluttershy came with variant colors of baskets and barrettes.

Backcard Stories


Fluttershy is a kind and gentle pony with a big heart. She likes to take care of others, especially her little animal friends!

Fluttershy loves to wear her pretty cape when she goes flower picking. Style her long hair with flower and butterfly barrettes!

Ponies released in this set are:

Riding Along Fluttershy

Riding Along Fluttershy MIB
Riding Along Fluttershy Stock photo

Backcard Story

Riding Along Fluttershy Backcard

FLUTTERSHY is a kind and gentle pony with a big heart. She likes to take care of others, especially her little animal friends!

FLUTTERSHY loves to ride her tricycle to go see her friends!

Royal Ball at Canterlot Castle

Stock photo

"Backcard Story"

Back of box

CANTERLOT is the royal city in Equestria and home to Princess Celestia. The princess lives in a magical castle. Every pony dreams of visiting CANTERLOT!

Shine Bright Fluttershy


"Backcard Story"


CANTERLOT is the royal city in EQUESTRIA and home to PRINCESS CELESTIA. The princess lives in a magical castle. Every pony dreams of visiting CANTERLOT!

FLUTTERSHY lights up with happiness whenever she meets new animal friends!

Fluttershy's Nursery Train Car

Stock Photo
Stock photo

Year Three (2012)

McDonalds Happy Meal 2012


Traveling Fluttershy

This is the figure with a suitcase and pet. On the hasbro website, it has one pictured with a DVD.

Back of box

Wedding Invitation Fluttershy


FLUTTERSHY is invited to the royal wedding! It’s going to be an amazing day and she needs you to help her to look her very best. Set up her invitation where she can look at it while you comb her flowing mane and tail! When the special day finally arrives, don’t let her forget the wedding present. You’ll have the prettiest and gentlest pony wedding guest! -hasbro.com

Glimmer Wings Fluttershy

stock photo
stock photo

FLUTTERSHY thinks her dragonfly friends wings are beautiful. She imagines how she would look with wings like that! This beautiful FLUTTERSHY pony figure has long, flowing hair for you to comb and amazing wings that really move! Your playtime with your FLUTTERSHY pony figure can be on the ground or "in the air"! Take her dragonfly friend along on


Bridle Friend Fluttershy


It's time to celebrate the royal wedding of PRINCESS CADANCE and SHINING ARMOR! FLUTTERSHY can't wait to surprise the bride and groom with fresh-picked flowers and a special song! No one brings more excitement to a happy event than your FLUTTERSHY figure! She can't wait to help you celebrate. Help her into her fancy outfit and arrange her hair just right. There's a magical adventure in store for you, and your FLUTTERSHY pony is the perfect friend to share it. -hasbro.com

Glimmer Wings Sweet Song and Fluttershy

Glimmer Wings Sweetsong MIB.jpg.jpg

The version with the tinsel in her hair.

Year Four (2013)

Crystal Empire Single Fluttershy


Crystal Empire Masquerade Fluttershy


Design-A-Pony Fluttershy


Fluttershy was released as part of the Design-A-Pony series. This version of Fluttershy was slightly larger than a Fashion Style Pony, and featured white hair and wings, which could be decorated using markers and stickers.

Midnight in Canterlot


Funko Fluttershy

Funko Fluttershy Chase

Funko released a vinyl collectible figure of Fluttershy. One in every twenty-four was a "chase" figure that was a translucent glittery version.

Pinkie Pie and Fluttershy Crystal Sparkle Bath


Crystal Motion Fluttershy


Elements of Harmony Friends


Fluttershy was included as a blind bag sized figurine in the Elements of Harmony Friends set. This set featured a new unique mold for Fluttershy, and was Fluttershy's first figurine to not be based off of Rainbow Dash's mold.

Backcard Stories

RARITY shows generosity to the sea serpent, and FLUTTERSHY shows kindness to the manticore. These Elements of Harmony help defeat NIGHTMARE MOON!

Soaring Pegasus Set

Soaring Pegasus Set.jpg

Fluttershy was included in the Soaring Pegasus set alongside Thunderlane and Derpy. This version was referred to on the packing as Rainbowfied Fluttershy, and featured colored streaks in her mane, tail, and wings. Additionally, her legs were covered in multicolored butterflies.

Burger King Fluttershy


Fluttershy was one of the ponies given out by Burger King in Germany.

Year Five (2014)

Breezie Friends Fluttershy and Sea Breezie


Styling Strands Fluttershy


Basic Fluttershy


Friendship Charm Wings Fluttershy

Ponymania Collection

My Little Pony POP Fluttershy Starter Kit


My Little Pony POP Fluttershy Cottage Decorator Kit


Backcard Stories

FLUTTERSHY invites her friends inside her cozy cottage!

Year Six (2015)

McDonalds Happy Meal 2015


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