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G1 Posey
MOC Posey
G1 Posey's Symbol
Posey name card

Posey is a G1 Earth Pony. She was released in 1985, though her hoof states that it was 1984. She was featured in the series My Little Pony and Friends.

English: Posey
German: Blümchen
Italian: Penelope

Pony Stats

  • Pose: Posey Pose
  • Body Colour: Yellow
  • Hair Colour: 'Fading' Pink
  • Eye Colour: Green
  • Symbol: Six pink tulips with green stems

Backcard Stories

Note: These stories are reproduced exactly as they appear on the ponies' backcards, including all errors.

G1 Posey's Backcard Story

US Backcard Story

Posey was busily planting new rows of tulips in her garden when she spotted a fierce grey raincloud overhead. "The rain will wash away my newly planted tulip bulbs and ruin my garden." she sighed. Parasol, racing through the clouds in search of a rainbow, heard her plea. "Don't worry Posey." Parasol Shouted. Ï'll protect your tulips." Parasol jumped into the raincloud. She tossed her rainbow mane and tail and dozen of pretty parasols fell from the clouds to cover her tulip beds. "Thank you, Parasol" Posey said handing her friend a bouquet of her finest tulips.

UK Backcard Story

Posey loves her pretty garden and especially growing rows of her favourite tulip flowers. Posey's garden is under the magic rainbow which chases away the grey rain clouds so that her pretty flowers are always blooming.

UK Fact File Story

Posey loves her pretty garden and especially growing rows of her favourite tulip flowers. Posey's garden is under the magic rainbow which chases away the grey rain clouds so that her pretty flowers are always blooming.

German Backcard Story

Blümchen liebt ihren wunderschönen Garten und pflanzt darin reihenweise ihre Lieblingstulpen an. Weil ein magischer Regenbogen die grauen Regenwolken abhält, scheint in ihrem Garten immer die Sonne, und die Blumen blühen das ganze Jahr.

Media Appearances

Posey in "Escape from Catrina"
Posey in the cartoon series.

Animated pony stats

  • Body Colour: Yellow
  • Hair Colour: Pink
  • Eye Colour: Green
  • Symbol: 5 Pink tulips

Posey made her debut in the MLP Special, "Escape From Catrina", before becoming a main character in My Little Pony & Friends, in which she was voiced by Nancy Cartwright. Posey was the gardener of the ponies home, Paradise Estate. She had a love for flowers and pretty things, and was motherly to the baby ponies.

She was one of the six ponies featured in the "Seven Songs and a Story" My Little Pony picture disk and cassette tape released in the UK.

So Soft Posey

SS Posey
SS Posey
So Soft Posey's symbol
MOC SS Posey


  • blue butterfly brush
  • green ribbon

Posey was re-released as a So Soft version in Year Four (1985-1986), which is basically the same as the original, but covered with a fur coating.

UK Posey

UK "Magenta Tulips" Posey

The 1986 UK release of Posey is basically the same as the So Soft version released in the US, but without the flocking. She is very similar to the original Posey but has magenta tulips as her symbol (presumably printed darker so as to show through the flocking of her US counterpart). She was sold with an aqua bird brush and matching aqua ribbon.

Ponies released in this set:

European Posey

European "Magenta Tulips" Posey MOC
European Posey's backcard

The 1985 European release of Posey was sold in selected European countries under the moniker of "Groom n' Style" Ponies. She was sold with a blue moon comb and green or yellow ribbon. Some had the "magenta tulips" of the UK Version (for example Sweden) while others kept her original light pink tulips.

Ponies released in the "Groom n' Style" set:

Classic Posey

A retro re-release of Posey made by Basic Fun.

Argentinian Posey

Argentinan Posey

Italian Posey

Italian Posey Variant I

Italian Posey

Posey's Italy variant has blue eyes. Posey is also known as Penelope.

Italian Posey was sold in Germany as Blümchen in 1986. She came with a blue flower brush, blue ribbon and a puffy sticker.

Italian Posey Variant II

  • Penelope
  • blue body

Mexican Posey

Mexican Posey
Mexican Posey (Lavender Hair)

Peruvian Posey

Variant I

white hair and yellow body Peru Posey
white hair and yellow body Peru Posey
  • hooves marked BASA

Variant II

Loose Photo
  • Curly purple hair

Variant III

pink hair and yellow body Peru Posey
Peruvian Posey's Hooves

Spanish Posey

Spanish Posey Variant I

Spanish Posey (feet marked "86 Hasbro" and "Spain")
  • Marked Spain

Spanish Posey Variant II

  • no country marked

Venezuelan Posey

Venezuelan Posey Variant I


Venezuelan Posey Variant II

Venezuelan "Reverse" Posey

She has a coral body with yellow hair and red symbols. She comes with a medium blue comb and a pale pink ribbon.

Venezuelan Posey Variant III

  • coral body with pink hair and red symbols

Venezuelan Posey Variant IV


Has a mint green body and pink hair. comes with a pale pink comb and a yellow ribbon.

Venezuelan Posey Variant V

She has a brown body, blue hair, and yellow symbols.

Venezuelan Blue Posey Squeaky Butt


She has a blue body and red symbols.

Venezuelan White Posey Squeaky Butt


She has a white body and red symbols.

Venezuelan Green Posey Squeaky Butt


She has a green body and red symbols.

Plush Posey

Plush posey.jpg
  • Year 4 - 1986


Tag Info

  • Hi, I'm Posey! I like to skip through my magical tulip garden to gather colorful rainbow bouquets for all my friends in pony land. Will you brush and braid my long silky hair?



  • Posey was intended to be redesigned for the G4 tv show, My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, where she would have been a main character. However, trademark issues prevented this. Instead, Posey would serve as a major inspiration for the G4 Pegasus Fluttershy.

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