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G1 Flutterbye
MOC Flutterbye
G1 Flutterbye's Symbol

Flutterbye is a G1 Rainbow Pony.

English: Flutterbye
German: Hummelchen
Italian: Michele
Spanish: Polilla
Spanish (Argentina): Inquieta (green, Posey Pose)


Pony Stats

Backcard Stories

Note: These stories are reproduced exactly as they appear on the ponies' backcards, including all errors.

US Backcard Story

G1 Flutterbye's US Backcard

It was daybreak on a beautiful spring morning. Dawn raised her head while the sun rose over the hill. The honeybees in the garden buzzed happily from flower to flower, collecting nectar to make honey in their hive.

A magical pegasus, with rainbow-colored hair, hovered over the beatiful flower garden. The bees stopped to stare at her. "She looks just like a rare rainbow butterfly!" one bee whispered to another.

The pegasus gracefully flew down and said to the bees, "Your sweet smell so flowers! I mean... your flowers smell so sweet! May I pick some to take back with me?" (When the pegasus gets excited, she gets her "mix" all "talked" up.)

The bees buzzed excitedly. "What's your name?" they asked. "Butterfly... no, no it's Flutterbye!" the pegasus answered, giggling at her mistake. The bees thought that Flutterbye was beautiful and very funny, so they gave her a huge bouquet of flowers and a large pot of their sweetest honey.

Media Appearances

Flutterbye was a character in the UK comics. She was good friends with Septimus Spider who once saved her when she hurt her wing.

According to the comics, her birthday is March 28th.

Argentinian Flutterbye

There are at least 11 Argentinian Flutterbye variants. [1][2]

Argentinian Flutterbye Variant I

Arg Flutterbye MOC.JPG

Argentinian Flutterbye Variant II


Argentinian Flutterbye Variant III


Argentinian Flutterbye Variant IV

Argentinian Flutterbye Variant V


Argentinian Flutterbye Variant VI


Argentinian Flutterbye Variant VII

Argentinian Flutterbye Variant IIX

Argentinian Flutterbye Variant IX

Argentinian Flutterbye Variant X

German Flutterbye

She is very similar to the Flutterbye available in the US, the main difference is that her symbol is not glittery. Her German name is Hummelchen.

German Flutterbye Variant I

G1 German Flutterbye
MOC German Flutterbye

German Flutterbye Variant II

German Flutterbye
MOC German Flutterbye

Italian Flutterbye

Italian Flutterbye

Mail Order Flutterbye

MIB Mail Order Flutterbye

Flutterbye was later available as a Mail Order pony. The only difference from regular Flutterbye is that her symbol is a little bit darker,

Spanish Flutterbye

Spanish: Polilla

Spanish Flutterbye Variant I

Spanish Flutterbye (no country)

Spanish Flutterbye Variant II

marked Spain

See also


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