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G1 Majesty
G1 Majesty's Symbol

Majesty is a G1 pony. She came with the Dream Castle play set.

Pony Stats


Back Card Stories

UK Fact File Story

Majesty is a unicorn and one of the most magical ponies. She can makes wishes come true when she twirls her magic horn. She lives in the Dream Castle with her pet dragon Spike, and lowers the drawbridge when friends drop round for tea.

Media Appearances

Majesty was a staple of the G1 comics sold in the UK, appearing in nearly every issue. She was also in the books The Magic Nut Tree, The Trolls and the Castle of Darkness, The Cross Weather Witch, A Shock at The Stable Show, and My Little Pony Makes a Wish, among others. She had four magic horseshoes which could turn her invisible, as well as a crystal ball and magic mirror which she used to keep an eye out for danger to her little ponies.

While most ponies had very specific magic related to their symbol or interests, Majesty could work almost any magic with a wave of her magic horn and a song-spell. On more than one occasion she turned the enemies of ponykind into statues, trees, or simply caused them to bubble away into nothing.

Toy Variants

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Common Majesty

Majesty Variant I

G1 Majesty (HK with purple eyes variant).
  • HK Majesty w purple eyes

Majesty Variant II

  • HK Majesty w blue eyes

Majesty Variant III

  • HK Majesty w purple AND blue eyes

Majesty Variant IV

  • HK Majesty w pink stripe

Majesty Variant V

  • HK big symbols

Majesty Variant VI

  • HK no white streak

Majesty Variant VII

  • China Majesty

Italian Majesty

Italian Re Unicorno Variants I, II & III

There are Three Variants of Re Unicorno, the Male Version of Majesty.

Italian Majesty Variant I

Re Unicorno (Variant I) left
Re Unicorno (Variant II) right
MIP Re Unicorno
MIP Re Unicorno

Has nine blue stars as his symbol instead of flowers. The same symbol design as Twilight.

Italian Majesty Variant II

Re Unicorno (Variant II)

Italian Majesty Variant III

Re Unicorno (Vartiant III) right
Re Unicorno (Variant III) left
Re Unicorno (Variant III) feet


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