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G1 Twilight - US
G1 Twilight's Symbol
Twilight MOC

Twilight is a G1 My Little Pony released in 1983.


Pony Stats


Backcard Stories

Note: These stories are reproduced exactly as they appear on the ponies' backcards, including all errors.

US Backcard Story

G1 Twilight's US Backcard

Long ago on one warm and misty night, Twilight wanted to make a wish. Her keen eyes roamed the dark sky. "I do not see a single star to make a wish upon," she said as she reared and pointed her horn at the moon. "Oh, dear Moon, please bring out a star for me tonight." Suddenly, the sky was ablaze with light. Every single star that existed shone down on Twilight. "Make your wish quickly, Twilight!" boomed the Moon. Twilight wished that all the stars would shine so bright on that same night every year. Now all the ponies come out to make their own special wishes on these starry, starry nights.

Media Appearances

Twilight in Rescue from midnight Castle

Animated Pony Stats

She starred in the first My Little Pony Special (aka "Rescue At Midnight Castle"/"Firefly's Adventure") and was voiced by Laura Dean.

Despite never having been sold in the UK, she also featured prominently in the MLP comics sold there. She was a mysterious little pony who would occasionally appear to grant wishes after dark surrounded by a strange mist.

She was also in the Book The trolls and the Castle of Darkness, The Cross weather Witch, A shock at The Stable Show

Argentinian Twilight

Argentinian Twilight Variant I

G1 Twilight

Pony Stats

Argentinian Twilight Variant II


Pony Stats

Argentinian Twilight Variant III

Argie twilight prototype.jpg
Argie twilight prototype2.jpg
Argie twilight prototype symbol.jpg

Pony Stats

French Twilight

French Twilight
French Twilight's hooves, marked MADE IN FRANCE
French Twilight

Pony Stats

Greek Twilight

Greek Twilight Variant I


Pony Stats


Greek Twilight Variant II

Moondander pose with orange body and lilac hair
MOC Greek Twilight with orange body

Pony Stats


Greek Twilight Variant III


Pony Stats

Greek Twilight Variant IV

(Photo Needed) Loose
Flower Comb
Star Brush

Pony Stats


Italian Twilight

G1 Italian Twilight

Pony Stats

Re Unicorno
MIP Re Unicorno


Mexican Twilight

Mexican Twilight Variant I

Mexico Twilight with white and purple mane

Pony Stats

Mexican Twilight Variant II

Mexico twilight with all white hair, and pink streak in mane

Pony Stats

Mexican Twilight Variant III



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