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English: Moonstone
French (Canadian) Pierre de Lune
German: Mondschein
Greek: Ouranos
Italian: Turchino
Portuguese (Brazil): Asinha Bola de Prata
Spanish (Spain) Selene

Media Appearances

Moonstone name card

Toy Variants

Common Moonstone

G1 Moonstone
Moonstone MOC
G1 Moonstone's Symbol

Moonstone is a unicorn that was released in 1983. She came in a set called Rainbow ponies.

Pony Stats

  • Pose: Glory Pose
  • Body Colour: Blue
  • Hair Colour: Pink/yellow/green/blue
  • Eye Colour: Magenta
  • Symbol: Silver and blue glittery planet surrounded by stars


She came with a purple rainbow brush and a purple orginal comb. Her ribbon is pink and she also came with a sticker.

Backcard Story

G1 Moonstone's US Backcard

Note: These stories are reproduced exactly as they appear on the ponies' backcards, including all errors.

Dusk was setting in, but Moonstone was determined to keep searching for her special friend, the rainbow. It was almost too dark to see the sky. "Maybe she's hiding under the magical waterfall," Moonstone thought to herself.

Moonstone rubbed her unicorn in the moss of an old stump and in a twinkling, arrived at the base of the waterfall. Gazing into the pond, she saw a glint of light. Looking closer, Moonstone saw beautiful colors shimmering on the water.

"I've found one!" she cried excitedly, tossing her head into the air. Many different colors came shooting out of her rainbow mane and tail like fireworks.

Moonstone galloped along the water's edge watching the beautiful colors dance in the moonlit pond. She was so excited she woke up Sunshine to show her. Sunshine only smiled because she knew that this time the rainbow was only a reflection on Moonstone's beautiful rainbow-colored hair.

25th Anniversary Moonstone


35th Anniversary Moonstone

Moonstone was reissued for My Little Pony's 35th Anniversary, manufactured by Basic Fun. This version was scented.

Classic Moonstone

Another release of Moonstone manufactured by Basic Fun. This version was not scented, and the packaging lacked the 35th Anniversary branding.

Argentinian Moonstone

Argentina Moonstone
  • Blue earth pony, Red/yellow/green hair, Bow Tie Pose, blue/gray planet and stars symbols.

Brazilian Moonstone

G1 Brazilian Moonstone - Asinha Bola de Prata

Brazilian Moonstone was released in 1987 and she was actually part of the Brazilian TAF Ponies set, her backcard included art of ponies like Sugarberry, Dancing Butterflies, Milky Way, Love Melody, Up Up and Away and Truly. Moonstone´s Brazilian name is Asinha Bola de Prata (Silver Ball Wings), she is blue pegasus in Firefly Pose with rainbow hair, her symbols are a metalic silver saturn-like planet, surrounded by a blue ring plus red, blue and silver balls (planets). She came with a light pink comb and a pink ribbon.

French Moonstone

French Moonstone Variant I

G1 French Moosntone silver planet/blue ring
  • with a silver planet with a blue ring

French Moonstone Variant II

  • with a blue planet with a silver ring

French Moonstone Variant III

  • with light pink hair

French Moonstone Variant IV

French Moonstone Variant IV MOC
French Moonstone Variant IV symbol

  • with rainbow mane and tail
  • white planet and blue ring
  • Benelux packaging

French Backcard Story (Benelux)

French Moonstone Variant IV Backcard Story

German Moonstone

German Moonstone
MOC German Moonstone

German: Mondschein; translates as Moonlight.

German Moonstone is similar in appearance to "regular" US Moonstone, except her symbol is non-glittery. "German" refers to Moonstone's country of origin, not the country where the pony was manufactured; German Moonstone was made in Hong Kong.

German Backcard Story

G1 German Backcard

Einmal wollte Mondschein ihren Freund, den Regenbogen besuchen. "Vielleicht versteckter sich unter dem magischen Wasserfall," dachte sie. Und als sie nachschaute sah sie viele wunderbare Farben im Wasser leuchten. "Ich hab' ihn gefunden!" Sie schüttelte vor Freude den Kopf und ihre Mähne funkelte und strahlte wie ein buntes Feuerwerk. In ihrer Aufregung weckte sie Hummelchen. Aber Hummelchen lachte bloß dazu, denn sie wußte der Regenbogen war doch nur das Spiegelbild von Mondscheins wunderbarem regenbogenfarbenem Haar.

Greek Moonstone

(lavender eyes)

Ouranos is Moonstone's name in Greece, it means sky. He was considered a boy, and part of Paramythi Ponies Set, or Fairytale Ponies Set. He is made of a soft plastic and his symbols may be a little blurred sometimes.

Greek Moonstone Backcard Story:

Ouranos Once upon a time, in the magical land of ponies, the beautiful Priggipopoula and her little dragon lived in a place named Castle Of The Sky. The Castle Of The Sky had the bright color of pink roses, and its towers were deep blue, like the sky in springtime When Priggipopoula was about to celebrate her Nameday, her little dragon gave orders for all the gates of the Castle to open widely, for the bridge to lower to the ground and for the trumpets to announce the Celebration. Those news would spread immediately to the corners of the Earth. And then, the Fairytale Ponies along with the Star Ponies would put on their very best outfits, comb their long manes nicely and, shining of beauty and grace, they would go to the Castle of the Sky to honor pretty Little Princess.

Star Ponies would adorn the celebration with their dazzling looks with incomparably graceful, while Fairytale Ponies would add splendor to the event. Chrysomallousa (Sunbeam) put sunbeams on her hair, stars adorned Astrofeggia (Twilight), and Pigassos (Firefly) went to the celebration with his marvelous blue mane floating while he flew over the clouds. Melodia (Medley), the most caressing of all Star Ponies, having her pretty musical notes on, went to the event accompanied by fabulous Avgerinos (Glory). The faster of all Ponies, Astrapi (Skydancer), always arrived first, contrary to Protovrohi (Parasol) who was usually late. Anatoli (Sunlight) would bring her shining colors to bright up the celebration, whereas Neraida (Starshine) and Anemos (Windy) would keep everyone laughing, with their freshness, friendly and good mood.

Greek Variant One

Pony Stats

  • Pose: Glory Pose
  • Body Colour: Greenish-blue
  • Hair Colour: Pink/yellow/green/blue
  • Eye Colour: Lavender
  • Symbol: A blue planet with a metalic silver ring surrounded by silver stars

Accessories: 2 pieces


Greek Variant Two

Greek Moonstone (blue eyes)
MOC Greek Moonstone (blue eyes)

Pony Stats

  • Pose: Glory Pose
  • Body Colour: Greenish-blue
  • Hair Colour: Pink/yellow/green/blue
  • Eye Colour: Blue
  • Symbol: A blue planet with a metalic silver ring surrounded by silver stars

Greek Variant Three

MOC Greek Moonstone (brown eyes)
  • brown eyes

Italian Moonstone

G1 Italian Moonstone symbol colour comparison. The different colours have been noted on Var. I and II so far.

Italian Moonstone is part of "Pony Arcobaleno" 1st set. Her Italian name is Turchino. Variant I and II have bright rainbow manes and tails, blue eyes and a metallic symbol with a silver saturn with a blue ring surrounded by blue and silver balls (planets). The blue part of the symbol is either a lighter, prussian blue or a darker, more damp blue color.

Italian Moonstone Variant I

G1 Italian Moonstone w/ light blue symbol, complete w/ acc. Italian Moonstone came with at least three different stickers depending on backcard language.
G1 Italian Moonstone w/ dark blue and reverse symbol (may also occur separately)

Italian Moonstone on multi-language card

Italian Moonstone Variant II


Italian Moonstone Variant III

Italian Moonstone with blue hair
  • Blue Haired Moonstone

Peruvian Moonstone

G1 Peru Rainbow Moonstone

There are two versions of peruvian Moonstone, both stands in the Gusty Pose and have a blue saturn like planet surrounded by blue balls as symbols. The first version is blue with rainbow mane and tail. The second version is white with blue mane and tail.

Spanish Moonstone

  • Spanish: Selene

Spanish Moonstone Variant I

G1 No Country Moonstone
  • no country (NC) hoof markings


Spanish Moonstone Variant II

G1 Moonstone marked SPAIN
  • marked SPAIN


"Moonstone sleeps in a bed made of moss. And when she rubbes her horn against things it becomes the color of the rainbow."

South African Moonstone

South African Moonstone


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