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English: Starshine
German: Sternenglanz
Portuguese (Brazil): Asinha de Açucar [Sugar´s Wing]

Media Appearances

Toy Variants

Common Starshine

G1 US Starshine
G1 Starshine
G1 Starshine's Symbol

Pony Stats

  • Pose: Firefly Pose
  • Body Colour: White
  • Hair Colour: Pink/yellow/green/blue
  • Eye Colour: Blue
  • Symbol: Gold star surrounded by spots

Starshine was released as part of the Year 2 (1983-1984) Rainbow Pony Set.

  • A blue ribbon

Backcard Stories

Note: These stories are reproduced exactly as they appear on the ponies' backcards, including all errors.

US Backcard Story

G1 Starshine's US Backcard


On a cool rainy morning Starshine was ready for excitement. "I want to have some fun today!" she shouted to the dark giant rain clouds. Stamping her hoof impatiently on the ground, she pleaded, "Send me on a secret rainbow journey!" The clouds opened and a multi-colored beam of light swooped down to lift her up into the sky!

Traveling in the beautiful light, Starshine's rainbow-colored hair stretched out behind her like the tail of a shooting star. The light carried her on a special adventure to a land of enchantment and magic!

"Hi, Ho my brightly colored beauty!" shouted the Milky Way. Starshine winked at a comet and laughed with the man in the moon. By evening she was home again. "This has been a very exciting day indeed!" she thought as she gazed up at the sky. Twinkling down the stars whispered, "Come back again, Starshine!"

Plush Starshine

Plush Starshine, closed mouth version
Plush Starshine, open mouth version


  • Purple shooting star brush (with hole)

Retro Starshine


Brazilian Starshine

Brazilian Starshine

She is white with rainbow mane, blue eyes and a metalic golden star as symbol. She is a little smaller than her US counterpart (Brazilian ponies are all a little smaller than US ones) and was produced in Brazil, by Estrela in 1984. Her brazilian name is Asinha de Açucar (Suggar´s Wing) and she came with an orange comb and an orange ribbon.

French Starshine

There are 2 known variants of French Starshine.

French Starshine Variant I

with rainbow hair
rainbow hair French Starshine with her accessories
  • looks similar to US Starshine, except with a yellow, non-glittery symbol.

French Starshine Variant II

with purple and white hair
  • white with dark purple hair with a white streak in the mane. has yellow, non-glittery symbol.

German Starshine

G1 German Starshine
MOC German Starshine

Starshine's German name was Sternenglanz.

German Starshine does not have a glittery symbol, but some versions of her have a metallic gold painted symbol while other versions have a non-metallic yellow painted symbol.

Greek Starshine

Greek Starshine
MOC Greek Starshine (with purple ribbon)
(with blue ribbon)

Greek Starshine stands in same pose as her US counterpart, she is a white pegasus with a large glitter golden star as symbol, rainbow mane and rainbow tail. She came with a brush and a ribbon (brush shape and brush/ribbon colors could vary). Her name was Neraida (Fairy).

Greek Starshine Backcard Story:

Greek Starshine's Backcard


Once upon a time, in the magical land of ponies, beautiful Little Princess and her little dragon lived in Castle of the sky. The Castle of the sky had the vivid color of pink roses, and its towers were deep blue, like the sky in springtime. When Little Princess celebrated her "Nameday" her little dragon gave orders for all the gates of the Castle to open widely, for the bridge to lower to the ground and for the trumpets to announce the Celebration. The news would spread immediately to the corners of the Earth. And then, the Fairytale Ponies along with the Star Ponies would put on their very best outfits, would comb their long manes nicely and, shining of beauty and grace, they would come to the Castle of the Sky to honor pretty Little Princess. Star Ponies adorned the celebration with their dazzling looks while incomparably graceful, Fairytale Ponies added splendor to the event.

Chrysomallousa (Sunbeam) put sunbeams on her hair, stars adorned Astrofeggia (Twilight), and Pigassos (Firefly) went to the celebration with his marvelous blue mane floating while he flew over the clouds.

Melodia (Medley), the most caressing of all Star Ponies, having her pretty musical notes on, went to the event accompanied by fabulous Avgerinos (Glory).

The faster of all Ponies, Astrapi (Skydancer), always arrived first, contrary to Protovrohi (Parasol) who was usually late.

Anatoli (Sunlight) would bring her shining colors to bright up the celebration, whereas Neraida (Starshine) and Anemos (Windy) would keep everyone laughing, with their freshness, friendly and good mood.

Italian Starshine

Starshine´s Italian name is Bianco and he is stated to be a male pony. There are two variations of Italian Starshine. All of them stands in same pose as US Starshine and all have blue eyes.

Italian Starshine Variant I

G1 Italy Starshine
Italian Starshine on a French card
  • normal rainbow hair

Italian Starshine Variant II

Italian Starshine with Tropical Hair
  • tropical rainbow hair (2e edition rainbow ponies)

Mexican Starshine

Peruvian Starshine

Variant I

G1 Peruvian Starshine
G1 Peruvian Starshine MOC
G1 Peruvian Starshine / Arco Iris Backcard

Variant II

Loose Photo
  • Purple curly hair

South African Starshine

South African Starshine

Venezuelan Starshine

there are several variants known so far.

Venezuelan Starshine Variant I

  • white with yellow hair and red symbols

Venezuelan Starshine Variant II

Lighter haied white Venezuelan Starshine with blue symbols.
  • white with light blonde hair and blue symbols. Came with orange comb and light yellow ribbon.

Venezuelan Starshine Variant III

Darker haired Venezuelan Starshine with blue symbols
alternate accessories
  • White with yellow hair and blue symbols. Came with orange comb and light yellow ribbon.

Venezuelan Starshine Variant IV

  • white with light blonde hair and orange symbols

Venezuelan Starshine Variant V

  • yellow with coral hair and navy blue symbols

Venezuelan Starshine Variant VI

  • coral body with yellow hair and blue symbols. comes with blue comb and white ribbon.


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