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English: Parasol
German: Sonnenschirmchen
Greek: Protovrohi
Italian: Rosa
Portuguese (Brazil): Pingo de Chuva (collector's pose)
Portuguese (Brazil): Noivinha (shy pose)


Media Appearances

Toy Variants

Common Parasol

G1 Parasol
G1 Parasol's Symbol

Parasol was first released in 1983.

Pony Stats

Backcard Stories

Note: These stories are reproduced exactly as they appear on the ponies' backcards, including all errors.

US Backcard Story

G1 Parasol's US Backcard

The sun was shining very brightly and Parasol was hot... very hot. She sat under a rainbow-colored parasol sipping pink lemonade, unable to move. Gently closing her eyes, Parasol could see many of her pony friends bathing in the waterfall. "The Waterfall looks so inviting today!" said Parasol to herself.

Blinking twice, her rainbow magic carried her to the edge of the pond. Sprinkles was so excited to see Parasol, she kicked up her heels, spraying everyone with water. The tiny beads of spray formed raindrops and when the sun shown through them, a beautiful rainbow appeared! Parasol could feel her energy returning.

"Would you help me braid my hair into many litle rainbows?" Parasol asked the raindrops. And as she stood in the mist from the waterfall, her mane and tail were braided into beautiful rainbows.

Plush Parasol

Plush Parasol, closed mouth version
Plush Parasol, open mouth version


Retro Parasol


Argentinian Parasol

Argentinian Parasol

Brazilian Parasol

Brazilian Parasol Variant I

Brazilian Parasol
Brazilian Parasol's symbol

Brazilian Parasol Variant II

Brazilian Parasol

French Parasol

G1 French Parasol

Greek Parasol

Greek Parasol Variant I

MOC Greek Parasol

Greek Parasol Variant II

MOC orange Greek Parasol

Italian Parasol

Italian Parasol Variant I

G1 Italian Parasol

Italian Parasol Variant II

G1 Italian Parasol (Year 3 Rainbow Pony Hair Colours)
Italian Parasol on German language card (tropical hair)

Peruvian Parasol

G1 Peruvian Parasol

Spanish Parasol

Spanish Parasol Variant I

Spanish Parasol Variant II

G1 No Country Parasol

South African Parasol

(need photo)


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