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To make My Little Wiki even easier to use for everyone, we thought it might be a good idea to use templates when adding some information. This means that every pony page you click on will be laid out the same way, and therefore faster to navigate around.


Pony Pages

Gusty is a good example of the layout we are after - please use her page as a reference ^_^

[[Image:imagename.jpg|thumb|image description]]

== Pony Name ==

==== Pony Stats ====


*'''Body Colour:'''

*'''Hair Colour:'''

*'''Eye Colour:'''




==== Back Card Stories ====

==== Media Appearances ====

==Macau ???==

Use this tag to keep thumb nailed images from flowing over the wrong text when you have more images than text

== See also ==

*Baby ??pony

*?? Playset

*G3 ??pony


Adding ponies to categories is the easiest way to organize ponies into every possible grouping you can think of. The categories are ordered from the biggest category a pony belongs to to the very smallest group.

[[Category: Generation 1]]

[[Category: G1 Adult Ponies]]

[[Category: G1 Earth Ponies]]

[[Category: G1 Yellow Ponies]]

[[Category: Collector Ponies]]

[[Category: Year One (1982-1983)]]

[[Category: Generation 1]]

[[Category: G1 Adult Ponies]]

[[Category: G1 Pegasus Ponies]]

[[Category: G1 Yellow Ponies]]

[[Category: G1 Rainbow Ponies]]

[[Category: Generation 1]]

[[Category: G1 Baby Ponies]]

[[Category: Sea Ponies]]

[[Category: G1 Yellow Ponies]]

[[Category: Generation 1]]

[[Category: G1 Baby Ponies]]

[[Category: G1 Unicorn Ponies]]

[[Category: G1 Yellow Ponies]]

[[Category: Sparkle Ponies]]

G3 Winter Minty:

[[Category: Generation 3]]

[[Category: G3 Adult Ponies]]

[[Category: G3 Earth Ponies]]

[[Category: G3 Green Ponies]]

[[Category: G3 Holiday Ponies]]

Thanks for taking the time to make My Little Wiki easier to navigate :-)

Playset Template

'''Playset Name'''

[[Image:.JPG|thumb|[[G1_Playsets|G1]]Playset Description]]

<gallery caption="Description of Accessories" widths="150px" heights="150px" perrow="3">





'''Playset Story'''

=== European Releases ===

<br style="clear:both">

== See also == *[[Description of Related Items]]

[[Category: Generation 1?]] [[Category: G1 Playsets]]

<ref>[[:Category: Donated by Insert Name|Donated by Insert Name]]</ref>

Episode and Movie Pages

Check out Stand by Me.

See also

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