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G4 Ponies form the fourth version of the My Little Pony franchise. G4 Ponies are the most current generation of pony toys and were first introduced in late 2010. G4 Ponies are featured in the animated series My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, which debuted in 2010. The main characters of the show (referred to by fans as the "Mane Six") are Applejack, Fluttershy, Pinkie Pie, Rainbow Dash, Rarity and Twilight Sparkle. As the main characters of the tv show, they form the core characters of the toy line; each one has been released multiple times, in different molds/configurations and also as identical re-releases in multiple waves.

In addition to the Mane Six, G4 Ponies also include numerous other ponies. Some are exclusive to either the toy line while others have been seen only as extras on the tv show. In later years, popular secondary characters from the tv series were incorporated into the toy line.


Year One (2010)

(G4 was first available in October)

First Release

(standard size figurines with molded hair)

Single Release

Playful Ponies Wave 1

(standard size single releases)

Fashion Style Ponies Wave 1

Special Holiday Single Releases

(standard size single releases)


(each playset comes with a standard size version of the pony/ponies in the title)

Bonus Ponies

Year Two (2011)

G4 Mcdonalds 2011

Playful Ponies Wave 2

Playful Ponies Wave 3

Shine Bright Ponies Wave 1

Blind Bag Ponies / Figurines

So Soft Newborns

Riding Along Ponies

Playsets Wave 1


Fashion Style Ponies Wave 2

Playful Ponies Wave 4

G4 Mcdonalds 2011 Brazil

Glimmer Wing Ponies 2011

Traveling Ponies

Playset Ponies Wave 2

Pony School Pals and Cheerilee

Friendship Express

Year Three (2012)

Glimmer Wing Ponies 2012

The Royal Wedding

Fashion Style Ponies

Wedding Invitation Ponies

Wave 1

Wave 2

Bridle Friends

Crystal Empire

Crystal Motion

Crystal Empire Playsets

Pony Friends Forever

Collector Series Ponies

Event Ponies

Funko Molded Figurines

Wave I

Year Four (2013)


Princess Packs

Wave I

Wave II


Wave I

Wave II

Funko Vinyl Figures

Wave II

Wave III

Wave IV

Wave V

Crystal Empire

Crystal Empire Singles

Crystal Empire Masquerade

Crystal Motion Ponies

Crystal Empire Fashion Style

Princess Celebration

Collector Series

Toys R Us Exclusive

Costco Exclusive

Hasbro Toyshop Exclusive

Pinkie Pie's Boutique

Target Exclusives

Through the Mirror

Year Five (2014)

Rainbow Power


Wave I

Wave II

Fashion Style

Fantastic Flutters

Zoom 'n Go

Breezie Sets

Wild Rainbow

Through the Mirror

Pony Mania


Basic Ponies

SDCC/Pony Fair Exclusive


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