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Cutie Mark Crew is the blind bag-style set that has served as a replacement of sorts for the G4 Blind Bag Ponies that were released from 2011 to early 2018. The Cutie Mark Crew sets began to show up in Europe first, before hitting the U.S. This set deviates from the previous blind bags, being less concerned with "show accuracy" and designing each character with a large head, cartoonish eyes, and a small body. There are three types of figure: ponies, Equestria Girls, and mer/seaponies. Each figure comes with an accessory (themed according to series) that can fit the figure inside. All come with a peg to insert into their foot, although there are many records of these hearts not being included in earlier lines. Like most other G4 toys, the ponies and merponies each have their Cutie Marks on one side. The toys are sold in either multi-packs (of five or eight) or singular blind capsules (each capsule containing a figure, accessory, and checklist). The capsule itself is stacking and can serve as a display for the ponies. These capsules are absent in the multi-pack releases. Starting with series 3, the capsules are omitted entirely in favor of confetti-filled plastic and cardboard eggs. Need ID help? Try looking at the pose page for names.

Cafeteria Cuties

Series 1 (known as "Cafeteria Cuties") is themed around food and school. These ponies included a pink heart peg.

Blind Bag Figures

  • 24 figures total
  • 3 special glittered figures: Princess Cadance (pony), Dj Pon-3 (pony), and Sunset Shimmer (Equestria Girl)
  • 12 pony figures (including Spike), 7 Equestria Girls, and 5 seaponies were released in blind bag form
  • Interesting to note that the checklist image for Cheerilee features her as a Pegasus, as her mold is a modified version of the Rainbow Dash mold
The full set of series 1 blind bags

Fin-Tastic Field Trip

MIB Fin-Tastic Field Trip

This is a five pack set with an undersea theme. All of the ponies featured are seaponies.

Nature Club

MIB Nature Club

This is a five pack set with a gardening theme.

Star Students

MIB Star Students

This is a five pack set with a school theme.

Sparkly Sweets

MIB Sparkly Sweets

A Target exclusive eight-pack with a pastry theme.

2018 McDonald's Figures

Released in European countries (not all countries featured all eight figures). Released in USA in September-October of 2018. Some ponies have a gimmick.

Friendship Party

Series 2 (known as "Friendship Party") is themed around parties (albeit loosely).

Blind Bag Figures

  • 24 figures total
  • 14 pony figures. 5 Equestria Girls, and 5 seaponies were released.
  • New characters are Big Macintosh, Princess Luna, Sweetie Drops, Trixie Lulamoon, and Starlight Glimmer

Party Performers

  • DJ Pon-3 in a drumset (pony)
  • Lyra Heartstrings in a piano (pony)
  • Pinkie Pie in a tambourine (seapony)
  • Rainbow Dash in a tuba (pony)
  • Rarity in a violin (pony)

Party Style

  • Applejack in a hat (human)
  • Rarity in a show (human)
  • Photo Finish in a dress (human)
  • Fluttershy in a purse (human)
  • Rainbow Dash in a sneaker (human)

Wedding Bash

Series 3 is themed around Shining Armor and Princess Cadance's wedding.

Blind Bag Figures

  • 12 pony figures, 6 Equestria Girls, and 6 seaponies.
  • New figures are Baby Flurry Heart, Queen Chrysalis, and Unicorn Royal Guard
  • Some are translucent figures

Championship Party

MiB Championship Party

This is a five-pack with a sports theme.

Tea Party

  • Applejack in a tea cart (human)
  • Maud Pie in a macaroon (pony)
  • Pinkie Pie in a hat (pony)
  • Rarity in a teapot (Seapony)
  • Twilight Sparkle in a teacup (pony)

Beach Day

Series 4 is themed around the beach.

Blind Bag Figures

  • 24 figures total
  • 13 pony figures, 5 Equestria Girls, and 6 seaponies.
  • New figures are Lily Valley, Lotus Blossom, Sandbar, Sea Swirl and Silverstream.
  • Despite Sandbar's depiction as an earth pony in both the poster and in media, he is a pegasus in this line.

Sightseeing Fun

  • Applebloom in a boat (pony)
  • Applejack in the Effiel Tower (human)
  • Daring Do in a camera (pony)
  • Pinkie Pie in a doubledecker bus (seapony)
  • Rarity in the statue of liberty (pony)

Snow Day

  • Fluttershy in an igloo (pony)
  • Rainbow Dash in ice skates (pony)
  • Rarity in a mitten (human)
  • Smolder in a cocoa cup (pony/dragon)
  • Twilight Sparkle in a snowman (pony)

Series 5

Blind Bag Figures

Confetti Party Countdown

Sugar Sweet Rainbow

Series 6

Blind Bag Figures

Unicorn Party Hats

Unicornpartyhat cmc.jpg

Unicorn Party Present

Unipartypresent cmc.jpg