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Funko Vinyl Figures are a series of molded figures featuring various G4 Ponies. The main series of figurines stand slightly over than five inches tall and are fairly show-accurate in terms of quality, with newer releases adding the cutie marks to both sides of the pony. Some characters were also given a special "chase" release, which featured a translucent, glittery body. These could be found at a rate of 1 out of every 24, compared to the normal figurines.

Later on, a related series, known as Mystery Minis, were also released. These figurines were approximately half the size of a the regular figure, and featured a black body. As the name suggested, the minis were released in opaque packaging, so that the purchaser would not know in advance which pony they were getting. In the first series, two ponies, DJ Pon-3 and Derpy, were also released as special glow-in-the-dark figurines.

Mystery Mini Box