Fun at the Fair with Apple Bloom and Sweetie Belle

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MIB Apple Bloom and Sweetie Belle
MIB Apple Bloom and Sweetie Belle (stock photo)

APPLE BLOOM and SWEETIE BELLE take turns playing games at the fair. If they can knock down the apples, they win a prize! The fair is a lot more fun with APPLE BLOOM and SWEETIE BELLE! Take them to the game stand, where they can win a "prize" if they knock down the apples. Then it’s time for "ice cream" or "cotton candy" with your best pony friends! Pony figures come with game stand, teddy bear, ice cream cone, 2 cotton candy sticks, balloon and apples.

suggested reail: $10.99

Packaging Error


Images that show Scootaloo included in this set were shown online, even on Hasbro's site for many months.

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