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Sunbeam is a G1 My Little Pony released in 1983.

G1 Sunbeam
G1 Sunbeam's Symbol
Sunbeam MOC

Pony Stats


Backcard Stories

Note: These stories are reproduced exactly as they appear on the ponies' backcards, including all errors.

US Backcard Story

G1 Sunbeam's US Backcard

Sunbeam had a wonderful idea. "It's time to have a party for all my friends," she thought. "I'll invite the sun, the clouds, the rainbow, and all of pony land. It will be a very special party."

Everyone came. The ponies feasted on wonderful food and danced until dark. Then the wind carried Firefly, Sunbeam, and Moondancer high above the castle. Soon beautiful colors danced across the sky - the fireworks had begun! All the ponies cheered and stamped their hoofs with glee. They had never seen anything like it. Sunbeam's party was a great success!

Media Appearances

Despite never being sold in the UK, she featured prominently in the My Little Pony comics sold there, and was constantly planning parties for the other little ponies.

She was also in the Book The trolls and the Castle of Darkness, The Cross weather Witch, A shock at The Stable Show

French Sunbeam

French Sunbeam

Greek Sunbeam

Greek Sunbeam
MOC Greek Sunbeam

Italian Sunbeam

There are two versions of Italian Sunbeam.

Italian Sunbeam Variant I

Italian Sunbeam
MOC Italian Sunbeam
  • normal Sunbeam, blue body, metallic sun symbol, blue eyes, white hair with gold streak

Italian Sunbeam Variant II

Italian Rainbow-haired Sunbeam

  • Rainbow-haired Sunbeam, blue body, metallic symbol, blue eyes, rainbow hair. She is sometimes called Sunstone, a name that suggests a hybrid of Sunbeam and Moonstone, although this is not strictly accurate since her body color matches Sunbeam's sky blue, not Moonstone's powder blue. Since every Year 2 Rainbow pony has the same color of hair, there is nothing that connects her specifically to Moonstone.


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