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German Biederlack Blanket

Made in West Germany by Biederlack in 1987. The opposite side is negative (pink where the white is and vice versa).


Paradise Estate Curtains

Polyester Curtains

Roller Curtains

  • Made of 100% Cotton

Deckbed Covers

Pillow Cases

Sleeping Bags

Doll/Plush Bed set

Scandinavian Finlayson Bed Set

Close up of Finlayson duvet cover.

Comes with a pillow case and duvet cover. The fabric is highly popular and often upcycled into other craft objects once the set is worn down.


  • North Star
  • Buttons
  • Heartthrob
  • Lickety Split

Scandinavian Bed Set II

Scandinavian bedding.jpeg

Small white flowers form a pattern with ponies, she linens are white and ponies have a rough drawn style different from standard artwork.

  • Wind Whistler
  • Applejack
  • Posey
  • North Star
  • Magic Star
  • Buttons