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Released was set with the My Little Pony logo on the rainbow, also dream castle is pictured amoungst the clouds and the following ponies are featured on there : Majesty, Spike, Twilight, Skydancer, Moondancer, Blossom, Glory and Sprinkles

deckbed covers

Sleeping Bags

Doll/Plush Bed set

Scandinavian Finlayson Bed Set

Close up of Finlayson duvet cover.

Comes with a pillow case and duvet cover. The fabric is highly popular and often upcycled into other craft objects once the set is worn down.


  • North Star
  • Buttons
  • Heartthrob
  • Lickety Split

Scandinavian Bed Set II

Scandinavian bedding.jpeg

Small white flowers form a pattern with ponies, she linens are white and ponies have a rough drawn style different from standard artwork.

  • Wind Whistler
  • Applejack
  • Posey
  • North Star
  • Magic Star
  • Buttons