Crunch Berry

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Crunch Berry is a G1 Sundae Best My Little Pony.

Crunch Berry
MOC Crunch Berry
G1 Crunch Berry's Symbol
American English: Crunch Berry
British English: Cherry Berry
German: Kirschlein

Pony Stats

  • Pose: Tootsie Pose
  • Body Colour: Pink-purple
  • Hair Colour: Chartreuse
  • Eye Colour: Blue
  • Symbol: 3-D blue and white ice cream sundae
  • Light pink ribbon

Backcard Stories

Note: These stories are reproduced exactly as they appear on the ponies' backcards, including all errors.

US Backcard Story

G1 Crunch Berry's US Backcard

Near the licorice stick forest is a magnificent hill made of rich chocolate. Crunch Berry chips off bits of choclate from the hill, mixes them with honey-dipped sugar crystals, then lets the gooey mixture simmer in the sunshine for a hot fudge topping that's Sun-sational! Her friends always meet her at the Satin Slipper Sweet Shoppe when Crunch Berry makes her tasty treat!

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