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MIP Clipper
G1 Clipper's Symbol

Li'l Clipper is a Baby Boy Pony who was only available through a special Mail Order offer.

Pony Stats

  • Pose: Baby Boy Pose
  • Body Colour: Blue
  • Hair Colour: White
  • Eye Colour: Blue
  • Symbol: Red and white sailing boat


Special Offer Story

Clipper's Offer Story Page 1
Clipper's Offer Story Page 2
Clipper's Offer Story Page 3

One day, Clipper, the new boy pony, hopped into his bright red sailboat and drifted over the blue sea to find mysterious Glitter Island, home of the Sparkle ponies. Everyone in Ponyland knew of these unusual ponies, but no one had ever seen them!

As Clipper sailed away, Cuddles stood on the shore, waving goodbye from her frilly Baby Buggy. "Bon voyage!" said Satin 'n Lace, wearing her bridal gown, veil, shoes, garter and ring. Spike cheered happily, while Sundance threw confetti into the air. "Bring back a souvenir!" called Megan as Clipper headed toward the horizon.

Clipper soon spotted a magical island that glittered in the moonlight. When he stepped onto the shore, beautiful ponies with sparkling bodies and shimmering strands in their long hair were there to greet him. When they blinked their eyes, twinkling stars suddenly filled the sky and the moon glowed even more brightly! "You must be the Sparkle Ponies!" Clipper laughed with delight.

"Welcome to Glitter Island!" the Sparkle Ponies chanted to Clipper. "We add sparkling light to every day and night and make every place a dazzling delight!" The Sparkle Ponies winked at the sky, filling it with shooting comets! Then they wove a moonbeam path between Glitter Island and Ponyland, so Clipper's friends could join the party!

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