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G1 Baby Blossom
MIB Baby Blossom (US packaging)
MIB Baby Blossom (euro packaging)
MIB Baby Blossom (Benelux packaging)
G1 Baby Blossom's Symbol
G1 Baby Blossom on danish card

Baby Blossom is a G1 baby My Little Pony. She has a mommy pony Blossom.

Pony Stats

  • Pink ribbon

Backcard Stories

Note: These stories are reproduced exactly as they appear on the ponies' backcards, including all errors.

US Backcard Story

G1 Baby Blossom's US Backcard

Baby Blossom loves to admire the flowers in her garden. "Purple violets, pink petunias, red geraniums, and yellow daffodils - my garden has every color of the rainbow in it!" thought Baby Blossom to herself.

Spying a beautiful orange flower with black stripes, Baby Blossom exclaimed, I'll surprise my mother with a whole bouquet of these unique flowers!" When she reached down to pick the flower, it flew into the air and hovered in the wind.

"Silly baby pony," it giggled. "I'm not a flower ... I'm a monarch butterfly!" Seeing Baby Blossom's disappointment, the butterfly quickly added, "But my friends and I will be glad to help you with your surprise!"

Then many, many butterflies flew down to Baby Blossom's garden and sat together quietly. Baby Blossom was thrilled to show her mother the "butterfly bouquet" in the garden.

Benelux Backcard Story

Benelux Backcard

Media Appearances

UK Catalog pamphlet

Baby Blossom appeared in the UK comic book.

Columbian Baby Blossom

Colombian Baby Blossom Variant I

Baby Blossom body with Baby Firefly head

  • lilac body with pink hair and pink flowers

Colombian Baby Blossom Variant II

  • Baby Blossom Pose, light purple body with pink hair and pink flowers

Very rare, perhaps only one example known to exist.

Colombian Baby Blossom Variant III

Normal pose

G1 Yellow body with white hair
  • yellow body with white hair

Colombian Baby Blossom Variant IV

  • aqua baby Blossom with yellow hair and flowers

European Release

MIB Baby Blossom (euro packaging)

Greek Baby Blossom

The same versions of Greek Baby Blossom was released but in a Play and Care set and with a Baby Buggy.

Greek Baby Blossom Variant I

G1 Greek Baby Blossom
G1 Greek Baby Blossom
G1 Greek Baby Blossom's Backcard
  • Pink or blue Crib
  • White Playpen
  • Dark Purple BABY necklace with white letters
  • Diaper Box

Greek Baby Blossom Variant II


Mexican Baby Blossom

Mexican Baby Blossom Variant I

Mexican Baby Blossom

Mexican Baby Blossom Variant II

Mexican Baby Blossom

Pearlized Baby Blossom

G1 MO Pearly Baby Blossom

She was available Year Seven (1988-1989).

Peruvian Baby Blossom

G1 Peruvian Baby Blossom


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