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Bright Bouquet Family


Media Appearances

The Bright Bouquet Family appears in the UK comics.[1]

US Bright Bouquet Family

Backcard Stories

Note: These stories are reproduced exactly as they appear on the ponies' backcards, including all errors.

US Backcard Story

G1 Bright Bouquet Family's US Backcard

Baby Bright Bouquet sat on the grass, drawing colorful flowers and red hearts with her crayons. "These are pretty pictures, Baby Bright Bouquet," said Mommy and Daddy Bright Bouquet, admiring the drawings. Just then, Mommy and Daddy Bright Bouquet had a colorful idea! When Daddy blinked his eyes, the hearts turned into red heart-shaped balloons and floated off the paper! Mommy Bright Bouquet wiggled her nose, and the flowers popped off the page and onto the grass! Smiling, Baby Bright Bouquet gathered a bouquet of flowers for her mommy and a bunch of heart-shaped balloons for her daddy!

Spanish Language Daddy Backcard Story

G1 Bright Bouquet Daddy's Spanish Language Backcard

Mama, Papa y Bebe Ramo de Flor. Bebe Ramo de Flor estaba sentado en el cesped, dibujando flores de colores y corazones rojos con sus tizas de colores. "Son dibujos muy bonitos", dijeron Mama y Papa Ramo de Flor admirando su trabajo. De repente, Mama y Papa Ramo de Flor tuvieron una maravillosa idea. Cuando Papa parpadeo sus ojos, los corazones se transformaron en globos rojos con forma de corazon y flotaron fuera del papel. Mama meneo su nariz y las flores saltaron del papel al cesped. Sonriendo, Bebe Ramo de Flor recogio unas flores para su Mama y unos globos de corazon para su Papa.

Mommy Bright Bouquet

Mommy Bright Bouquet
Mommy Bright Bouquet's Symbol

Called Mummy Bright Bouquet in the U.K.

Pony Stats: Mommy

Daddy Bright Bouquet

G1 Daddy Bright Bouquet
G1 Daddy Bright Bouquet's Symbol
Daddy Bright Bouquet with Spanish language card

Pony Stats: Daddy

Baby Bright Bouquet

Baby Bright Bouquet
Baby Bright Bouquet's Symbol

Pony Stats: Baby

UK Bright Bouquet Family

In the UK the family was a four pony family. The same Mommy, Daddy and Baby Sister as released in the US, but also with a Baby Brother. The family was initially sold separately, but (?) in their second release year they were sold together as a gift set. [2]

Baby Brother Bright Bouquet

Baby Brother Bright Bouquet

In selected European countries, including the UK, the Loving Family ponies were sold individually and a second baby was available, labelled as "Baby Brother Bright Bouquet".

Pony Stats


Spanish Bright Bouquet Family

Spanish Mommy Bright Bouquet

No Country Mummy Bright Bouquet

This version of Mummy Bright Bouquet was made in Spain, though she has no country markings.

Spanish Daddy Bright Bouquet

G1 No Country Daddy Bright Bouquet

This version of Daddy Bright Bouquet was made in Spain, though he has no country markings.

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