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The Baby Pony sets were the first release of G1 baby ponies after the first Baby Pony Ember.

The release of these babies was a little strange, both the US and Europe ended up with different sets of babies.

Each set contained one Baby Pony, one large accessory, several small accessories, diaper, brush and puffy sticker.


Year Three (1984-1985)

US Set

Europe Set One

Leaflet Scan

Baby Applejack was never sold in the US.

Baby Pony Stroller

Year Four (1985-1986)

Europe Set Two

Leaflet Scan

These ponies were never released in the US in the Play and Care Set, but rather the characters were released in the next US Baby Pony set, the Baby Beddy Bye Eye Pony set.

Baby Pony Stroller

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