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In 1985 plush versions of ponies began to be sold.

Several different styles of plush ponies were sold, including UK Exclusive plushies that doubled as pajama cases.

Year 3 -1985

Year Three Plush Ponies

Rainbow Ponies

Year Three Applause Plush Ponies

Stamped Symbols
Embroidered Symbols

Need photos of[1]:

Year 4 - 1986

Year 5 - 1987

Pajama Cases

Hasbro brought out many plushies, featuring rainbow ponies, earth ponies, pegasus ponies, and HTF baby plushies. These also included UK's exclusive Honeycomb.

Hasbro brought out PJ cases in the UK, with the most common being Cotton candy and Bow-Tie, while Trickles is harder to find.

These PJ cases were produced by Telitoys.


back view of Skyflier stickle

Stickles are plush felt stickers (2"-4"? big) that would supposedly re-stick easily to various things.

They were available in the USA.

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